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  1. you just have to know each others teams/jerseys to know if you got matched up.
  2. i havent played around with recruiting much yet, but as i understand each prospect has only 5 available visits to schedule with 5 teams. so the achievement, i believe, is for being the 5th team to schedule a visit with a prospect thus being his final visit again i havent been messing with the recruiting much so that is my understanding if im wrong, i apologize
  3. haha..nice yes the "super secret" method is posted in the other "ultimate team" thread just find a partner and follow the instructions
  4. It is boostable, get a partner and search for game at the same time (preferably an awkward time when not many people are on) if you get matched up then ready up and start game, if not back out and search again there is no penalty for backing out before readying up. once in game, play the kickoff so a few seconds run off the clock and the person losing quits out. you have to do it 11 straight games per person (8 to get 1st round bye then 3 more to win championship) took about 30-40 minutes to get me the achievement last night this way (had to back out and re-search a few times after every couple games)
  5. thanks a bunch for the help bleednorng!! got it done!
  6. hey i just messaged you on xbox live, i hate ultimate team every damn year they put it in. if you could help me get the championship and possibly collection achievements i will give you any cards you want...i don't plan on playing this any after i get the achievements!
  7. don't worry, i was in the same boat. I had the M60 clearly in my tool shed but no heavy weapons achievement, but when i finished a level with the last sniper rifle and quit out and went to mission select and chose the introductory mission in the garden the "all firearms", "all snipers" and "all heavy weapons" achievements all popped at the same time
  8. Yes it will work. Me and 2 buddies were messing around and everything needed for the easter egg fell in place early so we did all the steps up to the last one (where you put the additional turbines at lamp posts) then called my other friend who tries to get all achievements and he joined. We got in place and killed the last zombie so my friend would spawn (just in case) placed the 2 turbines down and all 4 of us got the achievement
  9. Myself, Nomstuff, and Pivo got the achievement; thanks to everyone that helped!
  10. Willing to exchange 5 ranked wins in a row and 10 exhibition matches in a row Gt: Hegemonichater just send a message telling me what you are looking to do
  11. oh ok thanks, do you know what the success rate is, doing it that way? is it like idling untouchables getting it 1 outa 4 times or better?
  12. just curious what is the 2 console skunker method?
  13. i believe the 3 guns for the 3 different grenade launchers are the M16, SCAR, and AK-47 if i remember right, hope that helps!
  14. Lame thanks for the reply I was hoping it wasn't completely ruined I guess i'll start another one but no way am I putting the same effort into this glitchy POS
  15. I played my player up until the All-star game I was injured 2 separate times but they were minor and I chose to play thru them. I was leading the league in all-star votes and was notified that I was selected for both rookie vs sophomore and all-star. However, the game kept freezing as I hit play next game at the all-star break, the only way I could clear the issue was deleting the profile file. When I hit play next game this time it went straight to the all-star game, no rookie vs sophomore game. After that I simmed the rest of season and was notified I won ROTY and MVP. I played a couple drills and a couple playoff games but I have yet to get any of the achievements. Does anyone know what happened or how to fix this I still have a save right after all-star game, I really don't want to have to start a whole new one agaiin after pllaying thru 60 games in this one Edit: also did not get the 8-0 achievement and im close to 82 now so the whole file is glitched I got the early achievements: starter,shoe,player of the game
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