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  1. Anyone willing to sell a team to get all 3 chemistry achievements message me on XxADAM91xX open to any offers for amount of coins and i have a few gold players too.. so just message.. much appreciated
  2. looking to get the 100% chemistry and the packs achievements.. so if anyone is willing to trade their players/give me coins it would be much appreciated just add me or message me on XxADAM91xX << make sure it's that GT thanks so much
  3. 1. merkz 93 (uk england ) 2. CraayzeeEyez (uk england) 3. barmyarmy69 (uk Wales) 4. XxADAM91xX (UK England) 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. i'll get in on this if people are arranging it i'm available every day apart from the coming friday
  4. need all online achievements.. if you wanna help each other out, add GT: XxADAM91xX
  5. Hey just letting ya know any times good for me too 8-) it's great how quick we've got people
  6. Need Uno Shark & Devotee XxADAM91xX add me and i'll help too with what ever you need thanks in advance
  7. Count me in 1. D4 B1GD0G 2. ConnorJDey 3. x whu decort x 4. mcass23 5. sam hutton 6. XxADAM91xX 7. 8. 9. 10.
  8. hey need the two online achievements.. add me asap xXADAM91Xx thanks in advance
  9. looking to get the co-op (competitive and campaign) achievements.. if you're game xXADAM91Xx add my GT oh and if you want add me on msn [email protected] so we can talk easier cause my headset broke
  10. hey can i get in on this team please, need the team player achievement then only need 2 more for 1000.. damn the DLC
  11. Im a bit of a Achievement whore.. wondering if this game is worth a buy for the achievements without the Kinect system?
  12. Hey, i have like 42 stars out of 69 and need help with the rest as ive started finding it too hard to do on my own if anyones interested send me a FR GT = adamsavedlatin thanks in advance
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