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  1. I'm online now!! It's currently November 3rd, 12:40 PM Eastern Time. Message me for Legendary co-op!!!! GT: Draxite
  2. Looking for one or more players to do a quick run through of co-op Legendary tomorrow (11/3). I'll be on at 1 PM Eastern Time and have all day. I have already wasted my time collecting all the skulls and Intel, so please do that stuff on your own time. Just wanna speed through co-op as fast as possible. Gamertag: Draxite
  3. I did not see an achievement trading thread for Destiny so I'll just leave this here. Requirements: -Level 32 -Maxed out weapons -Completed VoG normal mode and hard mode more times than you can count -Don't suck -Xbox One I want to complete this on VoG normal mode. It will be easy with a full fireteam of experienced 32's. Message Draxite on Xbox One and let me know you want to complete Flawless Raider. Once I have 5 other people, I will set up a time we can do this.
  4. Let's beat some campaigns on legendary. I have every achievement from every Halo game ever made. That should speak for itself. I'm on right now. (Saturday, November 22nd 8:15 PM Eastern Time) Send a message to Draxite on Xbox One. See ya soon
  5. Thank you very much for the insightful response. I will definitely try the method of recovering his profile on my console.
  6. This was the most helpful response I've ever received. Thank you so much!
  7. I recently bought a used xbox off a friend so that I could leave one at home and one at college. I noticed that he has some arcade games downloaded that I would like to play. I have recovered my gamertag on his console but it won't let me play the games he purchased. This is understandable and makes sense but without violating the Xbox Live Terms and Services is there any way for me to play these games and earn achievements? Thanks in advance
  8. EDIT: I just got the achievement in a random public match.
  9. EDIT: I just got the achievement in a random public match.
  10. I'm online right now. We have 8 people. Just need 4 more. Message me if you are interested on XBL. GT: I Draxus I
  11. I'll be on at 6:30 PM Eastern. I have 4 controllers. Please send me a message on Xbox Live if you'd like to knock these achievements out quickly around 6:30 PM Eastern. GT: I Draxus I
  12. I just stopped here to say that Bioshock Infinite is my favorite game of all time. Beautiful story, incredible characters, great gameplay, and an emotion-filled ending. I would do anything to go back and experience it for the first time again
  13. Nice, I'm glad your version is easier and has commentary! Thanks man
  14. I found this video on Youtube, and I can confirm it works. Load up "The Gunsmith Shop" Chapter, and play through it until you return to "The Plaza of Zeal" chapter where the Handyman spawns. Make sure you have a sniper rifle. At 0:54 seconds in the video, the player shows you how he got to the spot where the Handyman can't attack him. Use the hook and walk on the roof to get on top of the gate. I did this after beating the game on Hard, and changed the difficulty to easy to make it even easier. It only took 4 sniper bullets. Good luck! [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gcYfG_wk-lA]Easy heartbreaker achievement bioshock (glitch) - YouTube[/ame]
  15. Why is this thread not stickied? It's a lot more organized and easier to follow in my opinion. Thanks for your effort
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