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  1. Looking for players to do insane beast and horde medals. As well as I've got this achievement. I'm playing gears mostly in the mornings and lunch time. Gt - gagreflex cew
  2. Looking to get all online achieves, needing chefs hat as well gt - gagreflex cew
  3. Looking to boost online achieves gt : gagreflex cew
  4. Needing all stars on insane and group achieves for dlc , booshka as well. Gt - gagreflex cew I've got gold skins for weapons and character
  5. Gt : gagreflex cew I need most dlc achieves beast and horde
  6. Gt : Gagreflex CEW sent you a request . ill be on tonight at midnight central time
  7. looking to get online achieves, i have kinect. GT : gagreflex cew
  8. Needing all online achieves at the moment GT: Gagreflex CEW
  9. Sorry again, i guess my post was a complete waste, i see now y i didnt get any of these. maybe my info at bottom of original post will b helpful to others
  10. whats up everyone this is my 1st post. i've been using this site for a few years now just never made an account. my question is that if anyone else is having some of the acheevos glitch. the following have glitched for me along with a few of the goals that arent achievements = 1.(Key streaker) would be the 1st . I dont have a keyboard but u are able to do quickplay songs on key board 2.(The Perfect Drug) this wont pop for me only thing i can think why is b/c i didnt purchase the song, i got it for free with the track pack 2 i think code on back of manual 3.(Face Melter) i've played 3 metal songs from the 80's from RB3 and 3 songs that i have downloaded any help would be appreciated. Lately i have come up with a method to unglitch achievements but i am not 100% sure it works all the time(havent tried it on these). On Scene It LCA! the 1st achievement that should pop for anyone is getting a question correct. For me it didn't pop untill i brought my gamertag and game to my buddies house and played it on his console with a new save file, then it popped. i know some achieves have been permanately glitched. but i believe that this method may work for some as it did for me
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