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  1. Sorry for the late replies guy's...have been at work. He sent it too me after playing Infected with him. When i replied asking what it was for he said it was cause i got a few MOABS... PS. i didnt use the code. its obvious there is something fishy going on here!
  2. Downloading now. Been waiting for a decent sniper-based game!!
  3. I was playing a infected match in MW3 when i got a message from some random and it had a MS code in it.... At first i assumed it was fake, so i signed into an old account and used the code, and it is a real code! I'm thinking of claiming the points on my old acc too see what happens! EDIT: so i went to click Redeem and it said more information was needed. it wants me to put my password in. Should i do it beens as its just an old acc? http://i43.tinypic.com/25ivxn9.jpg
  4. I went into a MP game and killed someone and i got 2 achievements, Rank officer and Rank Elite. Has this game been like this for awhile or have all the ass clowns gotten tired of ruining the CoD games?
  5. The servers are still playing up
  6. Setting up a rent a server for boosting, if you want in let me know asap. EDIT: Setup and ready too go! all i need to do is get the Win a SQDM ribbon for the Decorated achievement then we can do whatever
  7. I was having a look at the Rent A Server settings and it doesn't appear you can make a 1v1 match
  8. What i'm saying is the achievement guide says the achievement unlocks after completing earth. http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/achievements/1747/UFD9oQBu.jpgPatriot 25 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.png Make the final assault. Story related, can't be missed. Obtained: After completing the mission Priority: Earth. Another guide over at TA says it unlocks when you walk into the blue beam of light (Just after you kill the Marauder. But mine unlocked at the very end of the game when i got my other achievements for completing the game on Insanity & using a ME2 imported character EDIT: This will unlock after you have used the beam located in London to get to the Citadel. Once you have dealt with the Repear Destroyer a cutscene will happen showing Harbringer landing next to the beam. Just run like hell don't worry about Harbringer firing its laser it won't hit you til you are almost here. After that you will be badly hurt but you can still walk forward shooting husks and marauders that show. Once you use the beam the achievement will unlock.
  9. Thanks guys i finally got it! However the "Patriot" achievement didnt unlock when i went into the beam of light, instead it unlocked with my achievements for completing the game in insanity and with a ME2 import. Did this happen for anyone else?
  10. Hey guy's i'm upto the very last part where i have to get to the conduit, all i have is my pistol and i'm pretty messed up. I can take out the 3 husks no drama but a marauder comes out from cover and kills me in 2 shots... all i have is my pistol and i'm swaying all over the place. Is there something i'm missing here?
  11. Hey guy's i have downloaded the free Datapad app on my 4S and i logged in with my origin account... same email address i use for my GT. But when i went to the galaxy all the planets were at 50%. when in actual fact my galactic readiness is 88%. Do i have to do something else to make it sync up or does it start at 50% galactic readiness regardless of your galactic readiness on the xbox 360? thanks, Dylan
  12. I'm not really going for many of the achievements to be honest. I want to finish it so I can go on and play number 3 Thanks for the quick replies guys!!!
  13. Hey guys I'm trying to find out how far through the first ME game I am so I can get started on the 2nd one. I have just gone back to the council to tell them about Saren working for the reapers and am going to meet Cpt Anderson in the Flux nightclub so he can help me get off the Citadel. How far through the game am I? Thanks, Dylan
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