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  1. Thank you this will come in handy.
  2. Just hit 600,000 the other night PLUSATHEY Did it on the Mafia 2 remaster by doing the game on the hardest mode.
  3. we all know this game was a mess, but even with patches and what not, achievements are not being unlocked for me even when I trigger them and I have done all the classic quick fixes and nothing. Is anyone else having this issue.
  4. Hey there, this came in really handy thank you for this.
  5. It will be hard and maybe another year, but got to keep going
  6. Truly i did not think i would have done it until winter, but the summer sale and so many new games coming out on the cheap - in two months i did 30,000 to nail it
  7. Well i finally hit the target that i have wanted for so damn long, it took some time, but we made it - we made it and it feels good. Plusathey got it bang on as well from resident evil 2 now onto 600,000
  8. I can just use the soul glitch to boost my level right up to your own with ease so that will not be a problem at all my friend.
  9. Can anyone help with this. Boss Weapons and Reinforced Weapons, I need someone to drop them and I'll pick them up and drop them back. Got someone to help in the remaster hoping for the same here. Gamertag: plusathey
  10. The remaster has got me playing again and I just wrapped up all the weapons achievements with people trading to help me. Is there anyone still on this game who is willing to do the same, just drops and I will drop them right back? gamertag: plusathey
  11. If you can still help me I would owe you. I had someone drop the boss weapons for me and I dropped them right back, so you have nothing to fear I am not going to steal your weapons lol If you can help me, send me a message on xbox live and we can get this sorted my friend PLUSATHEY
  12. I am grinding resources, if needed I will do this myself and if anyone needs the weapons just ask.
  13. The Vass achievement never unlocked for me? Does that mean I have to do another run through of this?
  14. Amazing, I thought it would work like that. Someone was kind enough to drop the boss weapons for me. Is there anyone out there who is done with this and is willing to drop these weapons for the unlocks? Gamertag: plusATHEY
  15. Reinforced Weapons Hey there, someone online gave me all the boss weapons and the achievement unlocked for having them all, but now I wanted to know will the same thing worked for reinforced weapons?
  16. At long last I reached the milestone and I managed to get it bang on the number as well XD
  17. Anyone else having problems saving? I know it auto saves in missions and such, but sleeping in your bed is another way to save -- but it will not let me. For the last few hours the surrender option has always been on my screen even when I am in the middle of nowhere and it will not let me go to sleep as the option for holding down A to sleep no longer appears
  18. I only have one achievement left in this game and it is to get to level 50 and it is taking forever. You barely level up after games unless you are going on long kill streaks -- this is going to be way more than over 100 hundred hours of gameplay.
  19. ADA2

    100 Wins Online

    If anyone here has this game and is interested in trying for this I am up for trading wins back and forth. Like the last game it was simple enough to line up against one another and with this new online feature tied into career mode it seems simple enough to do so again. Plusathey
  20. Plusathey have a good archer pawn and. We'd se laws help as well
  21. This may sound like a stupid question, but is it only the first episode that is backwards combatable or is it the entire season?
  22. This has been patched. On my achievement list I have a 1000/1000 now.
  23. My total play time is 3 hours and 49 minutes -- skipped all the bonus quests -- just did the main quests and I got the 950 easily.
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