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  1. Can confirm that it works with Aquiring Hardware. Thanks for sharing!
  2. Could you post a link? My wife and I play split-screen only and a couple of our cheevos are glitched.
  3. Marcus Belby. He is located in Ravenclaw. Link to video here (view at 6:05)
  4. Sakurafire


    Absolutely. I bought and listened to the soundtrack before purchasing the game. It's an excellent disc of music. Now that I own the game, I hum along to every tune while playing.
  5. Having the same problem. The sith power is not working. The block rotates when I touch it, that's it. =( Last one I need, too!
  6. Here's hoping that there is a follow-up to this game, or more 2D Castlevania in the future. This game was pretty high on the 'top downloaded' list for a while there...
  7. R U A SOMANTARD?! <~~ (hint, it's a link) If you are, please enjoy my rendition of your Fish Head beatdown of Astarte.
  8. I have been doing some runs with a luck build (from the beginning) and so far I've gotten several Count souls, Dracula's Tunic (finally!), Eversing, Satan's Ring, etc. Nothing spectacular, but better than the High Potions and Fois Gras I was getting before!
  9. Not sure if anyone watches him on deviantart, but here is the link to the artist that has done a lot of work for Wakfu. http://gueuzav.deviantart.com/ His art is a treat to look at. Enjoy.
  10. My friend and I tried doing the "add luck after boss" for Chapter 7... Suffice to say, everyone got Miser Rings but us. Woot. >__>;;
  11. Seeing as there are so many helpful topics floating around this forum, I figured I would share my 'Master List' of all the threads I found helpful. If you have any suggestions, please let me know in the comments. (And if anyone wants to sticky this, it would be very helpful.) (Disclaimer: All threads may not be up to date.) First off, I would recommend everyone read this: Moral and Ethic Guide for ALL Players Also, for the sake of telling Konami "We Care"... ITT: We Have Purchased All the DLC (We sign to say that we have purchased all the DLC [characters, stages & music packs] for Castlevania: Harmony of Despair.) Drop Lists: Item List (Full Spreadsheets) Rare Item Drop List (contains rare drops lists for most levels) Chapter 8 Drop List Chapter 9 Drop List Chapter 10 Drop List Chapter 11 Drop List Richter's Martial Arts Drop Locations Shanoa's Other Weapons Character Information Threads: Character Guide: Shanoa Character Guide: Charlotte Character Guide: Jonathan Survival Tips for Julius (Works for all Whip Users) Questions about Alucard's Weapons Stats (And What They Mean) Luck (And Consumable Items) Konami customer support comments on luck affecting chest drops Walkthrough: IGN Walkthrough Videos Cheats, Tips, and Easter Eggs (IGN Ver.) Easter Eggs (X360A Ver.) Misc. Threads: Sage Ring and Chaos Ring Questions Richter (Simon) Belmont Mode (Fun and Challenging!) Harmony of Despair game Wiki Acknowledgments to all the original authors! You guys deserve 5 stars and a Chocolate Cruller for your hard work!
  12. Everyone would get Hobo Clothes from Gold Chests?
  13. There is no limited range on her absorbing spells. Already tested it out. =)
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