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  1. I would like one please 1 of each if possible.thx
  2. could someone help me w this achv.as i will return the favor.please
  3. cant beat 1st boss wth. barely make it to him.only have 1 turle.whats goin on......
  4. if anyone has leg 2 and turkey breast,please help me.ill trade for them.please help..
  5. u can boost. i need help too, willing to help.also right now buy most fearded cards all are 95 or higher till 11 2
  6. i see this a lot for auctions or buy nows,and also youtube is there any truth to this,if so how do u get the coins.
  7. I would help boost as well.i need and want the achvs too,the way u boost is mic up and tell the other what to pick search for, 1 2 3 search both at same time,wont get everytime but does work,and just quit out after ball kicked off.if anyone has better way and wanna boost im down,in afternoon and late at night
  8. how close are u I may be able to help as long as I get the players back and and some of ur top players too so I may also get the achv.
  9. could I have or borrow the rb and wr at ovr 87???
  10. wow.thanks man great post.need more people like u.
  11. If ur still looking for a boosting partner.I'm down to help.
  12. I got the 1st rd bye.just need 3 games to win.will do the same for u.I got a method that will go fast.if anyone wants to help.I will gladly return the favor.I don't mind boosting.or helpn out a fellow gamer.please please.please help.
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