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  1. Excellent find, had the exact same problem - even restarting the game did not work. I just got myself killed and things went back to normal.
  2. I've encountered this issue as well. I was up to 23 wins on my Xbox One, then the game crashed while saving and corrupted my save. Started again, won 2 more matches, but no achievement. Then I won 25 more over several sessions, and got nothing still. I just did my last attempt on my 360 with no expansions and no prior save, won 26 in a row in one sitting, and still no dice. I wonder if the game reads the data off the leaderboards and if it has to be exactly 25 wins. There's a slight "delay" after the score tally where I suspect the game looks up the number of wins. I'm considering redoing 25 straight wins in one sitting once the weekly leaderboards has reset to see if that helps - but I doubt it. I think that if it reads off the leaderboards, it most definitely will read it off the overall leaderboard. If that is the case, then nothing can be done, as I doubt we'll ever see a reset or a patch considering the distributor is defunct.
  3. keung

    pretty lucky!

    I am often running Tiger Strikes for the engrams and coins. Never got an exotic from it, but a whole bunch of decoherent and a few legendaries. I played with a couple of randoms on the Valus Ta'aurc strike yesterday, and one of the guys kept dying and barely killed anything. Guess what he got? A legendary engram AND Hard Light. I admit I raged in small doses. Also did the Nightfall strike today. My two partners got an exotic each, while I got a legendary fusion rifle (I never even use FR's...) My grind:drop ratio is terrible, lol. Nice to see that someone gets lucky
  4. Finally figured this one out. You have to kill all the slimes without the app ever closing (which can be a pain since it has a habit of crashing after a while). What I did was go for Pinky first. Battle Potion + Water Candle (can only hold it pre-1.2) in the Jungle. Once that was done I went for every other slime, including King Slime. I couldn't find Mother Slime nor Black Slime in hardmode, so for those I created a new world (again, without closing the app), dug to the Cavern, and killed them. It might take a few tries if you are as unlucky as me with all the crashing, but it is quite doable. Here's a list of the slimes in the order I killed them: Pinky Jungle Slime Blue Slime Green Slime Shadow Slime Slimeling Corrupt Slime Slimer Illuminant Slime Purple Slime Toxic Sludge King Slime Dungeon Slime Red Slime Yellow Slime Lava Slime Mother Slime Baby Slime Black Slime
  5. I discovered that when you are summoning a mechanical boss by using one of the consumable items you can actually prevent the game from removing it, making farming souls and armor pieces (from Ocram) far easier. I've tried this with Mechanical Skull and Suspicious Looking Skull, but I haven't tried the others as I'm pretty tired of farming stuff for the recipes. 1. Place the consumable item (e.g. Mechanical Skull) in the hotbar 2. Press the item to spawn the boss 3. Quickly press the inventory button and move the consumable from your hotbar to your inventory. It should not be consumed. 4. Repeat as many times necessary. I was able to kill Skeletron Prime three times in a row using this method, and I killed Ocram twice. It does however seem like once you do this, the consumable becomes semi-unrecognizable by the game. You cannot use them to craft other things (eyes/skull into Suspicious Looking Skull), you have to drag them into chests to store them and they'll instantly disappear if you try using them during daytime. Too damn bad I didn't notice this until the very last time I had to fight Skeletron to get some souls off him. I could have saved a ton of hours farming souls and adamantite, because Ocram has a decent drop rate on the high end armor pieces. Hopefully this might help others!
  6. Agreed. Armors are painful to complete. Haven't been bothered with this game for a while due to Destiny, last time I checked I still needed a few hundred adamantite ores, and various souls. For lenses, Jungle (at night obviously) and Battle Potion usually yields me around 10. Those slimes aren't in the game, no. This achievement is definitely glitched, I have also killed all slimes at least 3 times. Hopefully they patch it. I don't have high hopes for WP games getting patched ever, but afaik Terraria gets regular updates on other OSes (there have been two on Android/iOS since the WP release), so it's not unlikely. Then again, releasing patches on the Xbox LIVE platform is a lengthy process...
  7. Not a bad idea... I've been upgrading my sharks to the maximum level, and I'm always broke when I need to buy the next one.
  8. Which map? The basic one? I got that one and I haven't noticed any crashes yet.
  9. I only experience lag issues in the start when the shark is dropped into water, and the only problem I have with the touch controls is boosting. Sometimes the games think me tapping the screen to boost is me trying to get my shark to go in another direction, and once I release my "boost" finger my shark stops moving. It's frustrating, especially when having 16x multiplier or trying to dodge enemies that will kill me. I agree, game is actually very fun.
  10. I don't know whether the shells spawn in set locations, but I always assume their location is near where the missions can be completed. I also don't know if the missions are constant or randomly chosen/generated per device. For instance, a couple of the missions I couldn't find for Reef were "Eat 3 bystanders" and "Eat 3 Pelicans". Both of those can be completed near the surface so I went up and looked for the shells, and they were on beaches.
  11. Not sure where I find the version number. It happened pretty much right away, as I had just downloaded the game and signed in to my facebook account. I would say I was in the game for about 1 minute before I accidentally signed out of my facebook account, and since then I haven't been able to sign back in.
  12. Very odd, that worked. Thanks a lot! I was tearing my hair out in frustration of losing my save every time I exited the game. It doesn't work for weekly challenges, but I might save that for last. Changing region should fix that, I think.
  13. I got an update as well when I started Battlestations Pacific. No idea what was updated. The versions for the marketplace client + the redistributable are the same as they were before the update. Must have been something tied to the Dashboard, but I haven't been able to find out what. I find it peculiar that there are actually people in the GFWL department still.
  14. Has anyone got that error message and figured out how to fix it? I just installed the game on my WP8, signed in to Facebook and went on to play a level. I was then browsing the menus and accidentally hit the button that signs you out of Facebook (there's no "are you sure?" confirmation option either). When I tried to sign back in, all I get is this message: "Your facebook account is already linked to a different Xbox Live account. Signing you out from Facebook." And that's it. I can't sign in anymore. I tried deleting the game from my phone and the Facebook app it installs, but it refuses to sign in. No idea how to fix it.
  15. Looking for someone to boost basically everything with. Gamertag is keung360, send me a pm on LIVE if you are interested!
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