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  1. Anyone still play this or have it? Looking for a hardcore boost or any boost if possible can return the favour on xb1 RoS. Msg me on here / pm or msg me on xbox GT: Obliteral Thanks in advance
  2. Looking to get my hands on some wings Wings of Valor Crimson Wings Angelic Wings Send me a msg on here or pm me!
  3. The game is amazing when it doesn't randomly crash or disconnect but for the actual in game play easy 9/10 and for anyone wondering the collectors edition is 100000% worth every damn penny!
  4. Looking to get all online achieves including T-Mobile achi msg me on xbl GT:Obliteral if i dont reply straight away i will get back to you thanks.
  5. Ahhh great thanks i wont bother payin then xD
  6. Question you can earn points from doin sertain quests so would that mean after ages of playing u could afford a dlc without paying?
  7. From what ive seen it costs quite abit i have pc version is there anyway to d/l it off xbl?? or do i simply just need to waste cash on the disc?
  8. D2 inf nuke and the best map train!!! tbh no matter what aslong as cs has thrm i r happy xD gona be weird hearing rush banana on the 360 xD
  9. Need strong closer - role model - overachiever - abstergo employee of the month and to lvl up a shit load as i can never find a game since the update befor rev :/
  10. Looking to grab the few online achieves im missing dont have dlc gt Obliteral
  11. Still not fineshed this game need some1 for hardest mode even if just for saves ect msg me on xbl if any1 can help
  12. Lookin for a coop parfner for full playthrew msg me on xbl if intrested thanks.
  13. Looking to do camp on hardest mode msg me on xbl if interested
  14. Looking to grab all waves if possible msg me on xbl gt Obliteral
  15. Looking for help with online achieves msg me on xbl gt Obliteral
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