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  1. Pre-ordered mine off of Amazon and can't wait until next week.
  2. You'll get your wish in a few days. It's gonna be one of the Games With Gold from July 1st to July 15th. I'll be on it for sure so be sure to send me an invite.
  3. The background in it's different, like it takes place in the desert or on Qward and the constructs are yellow instead of green for it. As for Kyle, they could do it as a completely separate character, like Batgirl or such. I know I suggested him as an alternate skin, but I'm open to Kyle as a separate character.
  4. I'd love those, with maybe the Super Moves of Sinestro and Reverse Flash being a bit different like Hal's Yellow Lantern Skin. Also, maybe having most of the other Corps colors for Hal since he's done them all except Star Sapphire and Indigo, as well as maybe a Kyle look. Blue/Orange/Red Lantern Hal: http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3424/3796792240_08d4d0bfae_b.jpg Black Lantern Hal: http://static.comicvine.com/uploads/scale_medium/0/40/2828631-bl_hal.jpeg White Lantern Hal: Kyle Rayner: http://www.uumux.com/images/thumb/KyleRayner02.jpg/300px-KyleRayner02.jpg
  5. Maybe one the heroes they could have used instead of Nightwing would be Firestorm since he's Killer Frost's arch enemy or Batgirl for Harley to face off against.
  6. I figured Jeff Bennett from The Brave and the Bold was bad considering he used the same voice he always uses for all the characters he's ever done.
  7. If I had to pick anyone to have played the Joker, besides Mark Hamill, it'd be John DiMaggio. His performance in Batman: Under The Red Hood was one of my top choices for Jokers, besides Mark and Heath Ledger.
  8. I got my code yesterday and d/led him. Love the fact the actor that plays Ollie on the Arrow TV series is doing the voice for him.
  9. If you have a rewards card, you can see if it's in your power up rewards code locker.
  10. Personally, I hardly pay attention to critics due to the fact they tend to be cynical and look for all the negatives. If I want someone's opinion, I'll ask my friends since I tend to trust them over a critic since they're not bought out by a company or such.
  11. Salvador for all the movie quotes in his skill set. It's hilarious.
  12. Every time I got the Vehicle has been destroyed message, I just picked the mission again and it was back up.
  13. One quick tip for the collectibles achievement: If you bought the Collectibles finder, you can go to your map screen and select only to see them then GPS them. It makes it way easier to find them.
  14. It was first an internet meme from some local news show. The new sports anchor was all nervous, except when he gave the line "Boom goes the dynamite." [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W45DRy7M1no]Boom Goes the Dynamite - YouTube[/ame]
  15. I'm looking for 3 people to do a 4 person Arcade co-op on Insane. I'm available anytime and the GT is jdionio.
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