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  1. This is.. that's just.. this... the... OMG. I was in love with that golden hog back in the day. To see it come to life in MCC without mods is just perfect. I'm honestly jealous of you guys who have the ability to use and drive this in the game. Seeing this is almost enough to make me want an XB1 just for MCC.
  2. Heroic mode cannot be played in EX mode and vice-versa.
  3. Yes, EX Mode can be played on any setting except Heroic, since it's a separate mode. In other words, you can do easy EX Mode, hard EX Mode, but not Heroic EX Mode. The PC version apparently has more achievements, so it could be possible they are ALL there on the XB1 version, but only some have gamerscore and tagged as an unlockable Xbox achievement. The others may just be generic in-game achievements.
  4. Yes, I believe it does. It gets a bit weird though because on the PC version the chapters are actually save files the game makes, and it loads them with what you had when you got them. I think EX Mode does the same thing. When you get everything maxed in EX Mode, you can start a new game and then load those chapters and will still have everything.
  5. Troll question or serious? A Kinect-only shooter would be so weird and most likely bad, although using Kinect for the katana would be fun as hell I'd imagine.
  6. Were you on easy? A lot of them only unlock on normal or higher and I suppose it's possible to miss most of the others in this game, especially if you only used the sword and or normal kills. Not saying you're wrong, surely not doubting they are glitched. Just an idea from my experience on the PC version. I actually had to try to unlock a lot of the simpler ones.
  7. Now that $h!t is messed up. Things just got even weirder. That's taking things to a whole new level... a gross level.
  8. As I said above, hard to answer but I'd guess anywhere from 6-10 hours depending on how fast you play. There are a lot of secret areas and the levels aren't fully linear. They are in a way, but there's a lot of stuff to look at and do. My first took well over 15 hours because I went so slow. I do highly recommend it. It's awesome and has a good bit of comedic bits to it also. I laughed hard at some places. You'll love Hoji. The voice actor is pure gold.
  9. Hey some questions! On the PC version, it's not that bad but it can be challenging at times. You are able to regenerate your health up to a certain percentage with a skill, but it starts off fairly weak. I beat the game on Normal first and it wasn't too hard for me. Only died a couple times from stupid stuff. There are harder modes and there is even a Heroic mode where if you die, you have to restart the level (no checkpoints for the level). There is also an EX Mode which is basically new game plus. Gameplay is pretty smooth to me. It feels natural and the swordplay is very well done. The only real clunky parts I felt was the jumping and moving around when there are a lot of enemies around you and you have to fight and run and stuff. It's not so bad that it hurts the game any though. One play-through for me on Normal took quite a while. It definitely wasn't short by any means, but I kinda took my time going through it my first time. I'm sure it can be done quite quickly if you wanted to. I'd say it's worth that much. I can't remember how much I paid but I'd say it was worth every penny. There are quite a few weapons as well as the sword. There is a magnum, SMGs, rocket launcher, crossbow (which is kick ass by the way fully upgraded), demon heads, demon hearts, flamethrower, and a shotgun. There may be more, can't remember at the moment because it's been a while since I've played it. Comparing to classic shooters, it's meh on that front. It's not like Doom, Duke Nukem 3D, or the original Shadow Warrior in terms of level design or gameplay. It's almost as if it was Shadow Warrior if it was made in the future instead of 1997. I really enjoy it though, and I'm a huge Doom fanatic. It's more about how the game plays with all things considered. It is a bit more linear in most areas, but it works in my opinion. Yes, you can carry all weapons at once! Difficulty to finish it is probably about 7/10. Mainly just because of Heroic mode. I have almost all the Steam achievements give or take a few. Time to completion... that's a tough one. It could probably be done in less than a week for sure if you're determined. There's no multiplayer (at least on PC) so that speeds things up. No grind achievements either that I rememeber.
  10. When I go to Achievements > Xbox One > then click any letter or the 0-9 category, I get a "404 Error. Page not found."
  11. I'm dying laughing here... [ame] [/ame]
  12. Even though I'm not a big member here anymore, I'm gonna miss AOS Puck. He was the one to give me my two infractions a long time ago... in a galaxy not too far away. Shall be missed indeed. Godspeed Puck, go tackle life's problems man. Same goes for the others who are departing.
  13. I've mostly returned to my roots right now and for the foreseeable future. I'm currently in a huge Doom mood right now. I was born into Doom, and I wanna keep playing it until the end. Huge Doom fan forever.


    Going through Final Doom on UV currently since I never did it before.


    Other games include PAYDAY The Heist, PAYDAY 2, CSS, Shadow Warrior (the old one and new one), Quake, Quake 2, Wolfenstein TNO, Duke Nukem 3D, Fallout 3 and NV, Oblivion, Skyrim, all the Serious Sams, and more. You can probably tell I'm a classic shooter guy.


    I've been kinda staying off Steam recently because of the latest update. I think it kinda hosed my Steam installation and I've been putting off reinstalling it or even launching it since.

  14. My Own Summmer (Shove It) - Deftones
  15. Wow somebody actually played. Well, considering it looks like this game is a flop, you can have this thread deleted or locked. I was bored at the time and after I posted it I knew it was a stupid idea. Couldn't delete my own thread in time.
  16. Hey guys. I used to use GFXuploader.com for hosting my guide banners and such, but recently they all went down and haven't shown up for a long while. They've been down before but this time was the longest. Now however, if you go to the website, it's back up, looks completely different, and seems to be no registration required anymore or even at all. Before it had the option to register and then sort your uploaded images into collections or something. Now it seems all that is gone? Does anyone else here use it? I know some have. What happened to my account there? Did they wipe the slate clean? It sure looks like it. The page is here: http://gfxuploader.com/
  17. This is a simple one I just came up with. One person types a simple sentence with one or more words missing (let's say a max of three words). The first person to guess each of the correct missing word(s) then posts a sentence and it keeps going. To make things easier (since there are TONS of possibilities), use underscores for each letter of your missing word(s). If you choose to have two words missing beside each other, type "(space)" to signify there is a space there. I'll start. Mine is pretty easy so that you can get the idea of it. No idea if this game will even take off at all. Probably not, but what's it hurt to try.
  18. Check this guy out. Saw this and had to post it for you guys to hear. Hearing this brings back memories for sure. I myself probably won't be getting MCC but this ought to amp you guys up for the Halo 2 portion at least. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YzI38sLSAmw]Jamming on Halo 2: "In Amber Clad" - YouTube[/ame]
  19. Me and a few others here on the site have already played this game before on PC, so we would be able to answer any questions you guys might have about the game. Stuff like gameplay, basic story points (without spoilers), environments, achievements, how the game plays, the style, and more. So feel free to ask away here! Me or someone else can answer for you. Hopefully this thread can help some people decide if they want to buy it when release comes around.
  20. Unfortunately the only sure fire way to clear HDDs is to destroy it completely. However, the best ways to clear HDDs of data is to overwrite the entire drive using some tools. The first and foremost thing to use is just the standard format option. What you need to do is put the HDD(s) into a working PC and use the explorer to navigate to the properties of the drive, and format it. Don't do quick format. This is what I'd do first. Next you could use some free tools out there. These tools aren't top of the line guaranteed success to wipe everything, but they will work well enough for the average user. Only the NSA could probably find the data then, with whatever they use. The two tools I'd recommend are CCleaner and Recuva. Even though Recuva is a recovery tool, it can also be used to securely overwrite deleted files. First step is to wipe the drive. CCleaner can do this as it has a drive wiper tool. This should overwrite the entire drive with empty bits. Depending on the size of the drive, this could take a long time. Next you could scan the entire drive using a deep scan with Recuva. Highlight all the files found on the drive and securely overwrite them. That would about do it. Drive would be ready for selling at that point. You can find the tools here: http://www.piriform.com/ccleaner http://www.piriform.com/recuva Hope this helps.
  21. CODE 1 - 999 Mode 1 - 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 8 - 08 07 06 05 04 03 02 01 09 CODE 2 - Walk in the Park Mode 2 - 02 04 06 08 01 03 05 07 09 7 - 07 05 03 01 08 06 04 02 09 CODE 3 - Hardcore Mode 3 - 03 06 09 03 06 09 03 06 09 6 - 06 03 09 06 03 09 06 03 09 CODE 4 - Ironman Mode 4 - 04 08 03 07 02 06 01 05 09 5 - 05 01 06 02 07 03 08 04 09
  22. Just a quick FYI, the 'not a member yet' thing links to PST and not XA. I understand you play on PS but you may want to change that link for this board to link to XA's register link. Nice videos by the way. I will surely use them.
  23. No Doom beta access in that case. I've come to the realization it's not about the points. It's about the quantity and the effort to get them. I still use this site because it's more useful to me than Steam discussions. I never get good replies there. Now that I think of it, don't get many good replies here either. Thank you. A helpful reply. You are awesome.
  24. Gonna have more than ten, so sue me. Doomguy (Flynn Taggart or Buddy Dacote, take your pick) from DOOM Duke Nukem from Duke Nukem 3D Serious Sam from the Serious Sam series Lo Wang (both versions) from the Shadow Warrior(s) Gordon Freeman from the Half-Life series Adrian Shephard from the Half-Life series Ranger from Quake and Marine from Quake II BJ Blazkowicz from Wolfenstein series Caleb from Blood Sanjuro Makabe from Shogo Major Fletcher from Hard Reset Max Payne from the Max Payne series
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