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  1. So belated, but I hit 500k on May 31st, 2015 (582 days after hitting 400k)
  2. Normally I don't pay any attention to my combo number, but last night I was. I wasn't getting any higher than 500ish. I'm using Sima Zhao who is level 100 and I've promoted 5 times already. I stuck with him because he was starting character and was fast. I need to move on to others anyways so I'll give Ayane a try.
  3. It's hard to find some good discussion on the boards about these. So I have to questions, and hopefully the hardcore here can help.. What is the best way to get the 1000 combo? I can't get close without failing or running out of guys to hit. For the challenges that say win ### times in a row, does that mean win with that many matches or win the entire thing that many times in a row? I have to believe it means get to round 100 not win 100 times. I haven't been into these games for years and getting back into this there are so many systems that are new to me it's a bit overwhelming.
  4. Kaens just wanted to let you know that you've been added to the 200, 300, and 400k Max Clubs.


    Congratulations mate!

  5. All the auctions are over. A BIG thank you to all the bidders, I think most people got fair deals all around. Some items I did better than I thought, some worse, but overall I'm glad to be cleaning out this row of games. I will be calculating all the shipping and sending out invoices tonight. If you had a special shipping request, please send me an eBay message where I am most likely to not miss it. Thanks again guys!
  6. kaleido = olielak backwards. I get it. Yeah some stuff I'm surprised has gone as cheap as it did, but that's what happens when you start with $0.99 bids and no reserves. I'm happy to just clear it out. So much so as a matter of fact that if my FF and Vampire Rain don't sell I'm just going to give them away to whomever is first and second on purchases. Just clear it out! Edit: This is the only one that really surprises me so far. This is about a 3 hour 1000 and people usually want those.
  7. I will ship whatever/however you want it. As long as I get good feedback and don't end up paying for shipping!
  8. Last 24 hours to get your bids in. Half the auctions end tomorrow afternoon, the rest tomorrow night (EST).
  9. Thanks for the heads up. I have changed them in bulk multiple times and it doesn't take. When I try to change them individually it doesn't even give me the option. So I guess I'm going to have to call customer service
  10. I will ship to anyone anywhere! The problem is I did half of those on my ipad app ages ago and they were relisted, then I added another 17 last night that I had sitting on my iPad app. I don't know which say I don't do shipping, but I've gone and edited them all multiple times to get it to say I will ship anywhere. Edit: I THINK they are all updated as interntional shipping, please let me know if they aren't. Thank you for all the help btw. When I get home I will try and resolve the two Spectral Forces, but I have a bad feeling I had one in the batch I relisted and one in the new batch. Edit 2: Thank god! I can't say I know the difference between the two copies but I will be very careful to send out the correct one to the correct bidder.
  11. Two copies of Spectral Force?! Uh oh, that's a problem, I am pretty sure I only have one now. (sold one ages ago) So I apologize for that if that is the case. I guess there goes my perfect feedback Regarding the two copies of Enchanted Arms, that actually IS two copies. One is the Japanese, it's only in Japanese, the other is the Korean Version which does have English menus as an option. You can tell the Korean one because the pictures have English on the cover and stuff but the Japanese one does not.
  12. I will try and figure out the calculator problem, I don't want anyone to not buy because they can't figure out how much shipping will cost! Sorry I have no idea if the servers are up. I suppose I could fire it up and see though huh? EDIT: Picture taken this morning of me creating a lobby and sitting there. Online is dead as you can imagine http://sdrv.ms/19OVndi
  13. October 15th, 2013 I just posted 36 Japanese import games on eBay - http://www.ebay.com/usr/perry_mason If you have a NTSC-J console and want easy points, there are 13 visual novels, NBA 2k8, A-Train, or other stuff like Vampire Rain is a very quick 600 points. If on the other hand you actually LIKE import games, I have lots of the early titles that are harder to find like Conveni 200x, both versions of Enchant Arm, Zoids, etc. All auctions are starting at just $0.99 and I have no reserves on any of them so you might just pick them up for that! Auctions are running for a week. Thanks in advance to all bidders!
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