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  1. I really want to do the weekly strike mission, been trying to get a fire team together for the past two days with no success. If anyone want to do it as well please msg me. I'm willing to help out with on stuff as well. I'm in the US, midwest.
  2. Thanks everyone for the tips, i appreciate it. Knowing myself I'm likely to keep fighting that Black Knight until I beat him, I had his health down to below half i think when I had my weapon enhanced with the gold dust but he stabbed me through a wall. Totally wasn't prepared for that . Other than the BK i have the boss that's near him, or venturing up from the initial bonfire where that guy is sitting. I tried going down and the enemies were way to tough.
  3. Learning the timing of the parrying is definitely a challenge in itself. I have at least one of those things that increase humanity, so should i use them whenever i find them, increasing my humanity immediately? I'm carrying around small and large souls, how should they be used? I wasted my gold dust that adds electricity to my weapon, i was sure it would help me defeat the black knight, he's beaten me several times now. Should i keep fighting him or choose another path?
  4. Greetings all, I just started playing this via the GwG and find it a lot of fun; I was wondering if someone could give me few tips as I don"t know the basics of the game. Things such as what are "souls" used for besides leveling up. I spent the better part of an hour or so trying to kill everything with the sword hilt because when i went to equip the shield and sword i picked up i didn't know how. I started as a warrior class if that's relevant.
  5. Got this from gamefly, I see Arcane listed among the skills/perks but I don't know how it effects game play.
  6. Is there a way to go about getting the weapon mods? I have one for the pistol & sum machine gun but don't recall how i got them. I have bought several of each pack(except the first 2) but haven't gotten another mod since i started paying attention.
  7. I trying to get the ally achievements using Wrex and Ashely; right now I'm level 16 and doing side missions. All the crates I come across can't be opened because of low decryption skill. Is there a way around this w/o messing up my attempt to get the ally cheevos; like complete the mission, change my squad and come back to open the crates?
  8. I think Tina shines, hearing her say "badunkadunk" is priceless; Scooter has some very funny lines as well, especially when he's talking about the Laney Mission. It's not uncommon for some weird symbol to appear in Zero's face but yesterday my friend was driving around Dust and he kinda did a funky jump over one of the small hills and landed really rough/funny. From my position in the gunner seat I saw, as we landed, 'WTF Bro" in his face.
  9. Well, I know for certain that my friend's character was present when that mission was completed as he was for all the missions prior, but still at level 28 the slot remains locked for him.
  10. I have a 20+ level character that I began using in a friends campaign. And a friend has a level 28 character that he's being playing with from the start in a campaign that I started; neither character's fourth weapon slot has unlocked. It's been mentioned that perhaps it's has to do with a specific mission not being completed, however we're both certain that we were present for all missions. Anyone have a definitive answer and solution to this issue?
  11. You can just replay the chapters on Old School/Hardcore to get the achievements right? Or do i have to start a new game with each difficulty?
  12. It seems early on they could be caught but later in the game the flt away before you get close enough to nab them. I don't think there are linked to any achievement so are they worth catching? And how are you supposed to catch the ones latter in the game?
  13. A friend and I are looking to Boost king of the hill/submission so she can get her wings; available afternoon & evenings. Msg me at Yonatan555 if interested.
  14. Yea, after the credits just hit continue and you'll be good to go. Well at least that's what I think, I did my initial play-through on emerald knight difficulty, so I can't see why it would be different.
  15. Took me a few tries before I was able to get past this part as well; you have to disregard the floating red things that are shooting at you and fight the Hunters. Try to finish or weaken to the point where only a quick combo is needed at least one of the larger hunters. You'll likely need to exhaust all your ring energy to do so. Then make as quick work of the other elite manhunter as possible; you should have just enough time to take out the floating red things, which will complete the mission.
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