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  1. only if u are going to use it lol. not just keep it hanging around.
  2. Release Date Ok so today on G4 T.V they were talking Gears of War 2 and if it was going to come out this year or not...............the answer is still pending but if it comes out this year they said like last days of December or 2nd qrt. of 2009. Achievements They also discussed 1 achievement that they thought everyone should love. Ridiculous... (100g) Get 20,000 kills total through player and ranked versus matches of any game type, including Annex. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Although this information is not confirmed by Epic, it must be going through some thought for them to talk about it on G4. What do you guys think?
  3. Well i'm past that on madness. I suggest having all lvl 3 weapons first of all and 2nd, take out rocket launcher and just shoot away. make sure to put the health hat on and you should have her beaten in no time. But be sure to take her catshield first by using a flamethrow or motolve. Also to make things 10x more eaisar use the lvl 3 flashlight.
  4. Come on this is my last chance lol. But lets not forget the real reason for these prizes....to celebrate x360a's brithday. GT = LCD x360a
  5. I guess but a mod would have to change the subject for me. Thx for comments.
  6. Not So Serious ... Kill 10,000 people in versus player match total http://tiles.xbox.com/tiles/Al/3X/1ICLiGJhbC8wCxt0GltTWTQyL2FjaC8wLzFEAAAAAOfn5-v4XR4=.jpg I dont know if x360a put it up yet but here it is.
  7. I am working on that guide, and it will be posted soon. And yes you must finish the level for the weapon to count.
  8. How do you save jenny in time before she gets run over by the giant truck. I just can't seem to kill them in time before she dies. EDIT: nvm I i didn't realize there was an achievement for this so I just read the guide.
  9. GT = LCD x360a Well 2 left to be lucky enough to win lol. Good Luck Everyone.
  10. Just look at the guide for the fashion show achievement. It tells you what you need for each one.
  11. yeah it does the background is clear for me
  12. ok, im done, but one last thing....basically i need points to prove myself and my guide am I right?
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