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  1. Happened to me many times, almost on every level. From what I've experienced, the game does not give you an Achievement for completing a Mission if you begin playing on it partially ahead of the Mission already, on a fresh console boot. For example: You beat Mission 1, Achievement unlocked for that, you watch the opening cutscene for Mission 2, then you Save & Exit. The next time you boot your 360, and play Mission 2 from there (where the opening cutscene for Mission 2 has elapsed already), you won't get the Mission 2 Achievement. I'm not sure if it's the same if you keep your 360 running and continue a Mission - if you'll still get the Achievement this way. The reason being I play Halo 4 sparsely due to work. I only play 1 Mission a night or day. Once I finish a mission, I just Save & Exit once the next mission's cutscene starts playing. I then continue from there the next day I play, and I found out I get no Mission Achievement for doing that. So what I do is restart/relaunch the Mission from Rally Point Alpha all the time. Long story short, on your next 360 boot, just restart/relaunch the Mission from Rally Point Alpha to be sure to get the Mission-specific Achievement.
  2. Finally reached the point where I can start building houses, and apparently, if you only want to get the achievement, the provided materials is enough for the construction of a house, main hall, and its 3 wings. Basically, you'll only need 15k Gold for the whole thing. Thread is kinda unnecessary, I suppose. Sorry for the trouble. Mods, could you please delete this thread? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi, all. Sorry for reviving an old section. Since Bethesda hasn't patched the Falkreath issue yet (the one where unknown factors prevent you from buying the land), I've decided to do a new game and get the two remaining cheevos before I get the Dragonborn DLC. As for my question, does anybody know the average amount of Gold needed to get all 3 lands, and build houses on each with 3 wings per house? - as this is the required criteria to get Master Architect. I now know you need 15,000 Gold for all 3 lands (5,000 for each), but how much do I need for the 3 houses itself and the 3 wings per each? (No need to indicate the materials - just the Gold amount for buying all the necessary materials will do). Also, if you could point me guys to a fast way to earn Gold at level 3, I would very much appreciate it. << This part, I know some already, but it would be nice to have the info in this thread for anybody trying to do the same as I am doing. Sorry if this is a dumb question, or if the topic was completely unnecessary, but I'm itching to get 100% on this game, and I can't find the necessary info here or on Google. Thanks in advance!
  4. This is somewhat disconcerting. I've been patient about it, thinking a patch fix would be coming out soon. We've been talking about the Falkreath shiz for weeks here, and I was hoping all this solution finding was only to keep us occupied until a proper patch fix comes. It seems the only way is to start all over again, and go for the achievements you've missed - and I'm not too keen on the idea. I'm finding it hard to resist whining about this whole thing: Why Bethesda's either taking so long to fix such a simple error; Or in the same vein, if perhaps they're completely neglecting this since it may be such a "small" error to them. It's not like I'm okay with the idea of ["Oh yeah, spent countless hours on the game since I plan to 100% from the get go, but there's 2 achievements I can't obtain because Bethesda thinks they're small time to be fixed - but that's a-okay! I'm breaking my plan to 100% this because Bethesda thinks I don't need to bother myself with it!"] OH JOY. Apologies for the immature post. Just incredibly annoyed right now. :-/
  5. Just my opinions. To be honest, while I did like the DLC for 400 MSP, delivery and quality-wise it isn't really all that. The main reason being most of us have beaten the game already, and some have gotten all the Achievements. The DLC requires time and investment to be enjoyed, and in my opinion something best released during the first 3 months upon release of the game. By the time you're pretty much done with Skyrim, it will be pointless for some people to invest in another home, when the one you have in Whiterun pretty much does the job admirably. My 2 cents.
  6. Is the mead quest new to Siddgeir/Skyrim with the Hearthfire DLC? Because I faintly remember doing it ages ago when I became Thane of Falkreath. I'm beginning to think I shouldn't have, and it's probably what opens the dialogue to buy the land.
  7. Like buggss said, it isn't always true. We almost have the same conditions, save for one - just one: An uncompletable miscellaneous quest that requires you to obtain a reward from Skald. This, by far, is what we know that prevents the selling of the Falkreath land. And to clarify, I did every Rare Gifts quests already. Ysolda's being the first, since I made her my wife long ago. Then the rest, once I obtained the information here in X360A. But like I always say, at the very least, thanks for the effort. I'm staying positive that Bethesda would release a patch fix soon. And since it's Monday already in a few hours, I hope they start working on it LOL.
  8. ryanclive


    Would like to add this as a heads up, as well. On the topic of being "careful" with this DLC: If you're *seriously* looking to complete the 50 GS it comes with, you're pretty much guaranteed to only gain 30 out of it until a patch fix arrives, if your game save meets the following criteria: - Sided with the Empire against Stormcloaks - Siddgeir becomes Jarl of Falkreath - And a whole slew of other undeterminables, such as Helvard being dead or not, bugged quests stuck in your log, etc. The reason being, you cannot buy Falkreath, and up until now there's no proven way to go around this. As a consequence, you can't get the Cheevo for buying 3 plots of lands, and the other for building 3 houses. Of course, this is not the case with all, but the frequency of this bug warrants a notice for completionists.
  9. Finished with all of these already, and still no dice. I also saw this posted in the Bethesda forums; I assumed the context in the Falkreath portion means the one for Siddgeir only, not the whole lot - though I understand you are only trying to be sure. For those who used this method, they probably don't have that "unknown factor" in their game saves which prevents the "buy" dialogue option from Nenya, and must have probably left one or any of these quests active so upon completion of these, it seemed like these are the ones to actually trigger the offer from Nenya. But thanks for the help. Anything to move this forward helps.
  10. Sorry I had to make way for another friend invite. Do invite me again if you need help, and once you get Gold. I got all I need already but I'll be online this Saturday, 8-9AM GMT+8, although animam is scheduled to go first.
  11. Sorry, I just saw this now (in reference to my other post) and I have the same predicament. Except the Skald in my game is already in Solitude, since I supported the Empire, and all Stormcloak supporters were placed there. I'm fairly certain this it. From what I can see so far, it's the radiant quests, a combination of them, or varying versions of them are preventing the Jarl of Falkreath from offering the land. As you have pointed out, it's not Helvard, nor the Jarl, perhaps not even Nenya we should we worried about. Of course, I'm not sure, but until a fix is released, all we can do is try other possibilities. :-/
  12. Glad I asked. This is just what I needed to know. I'm worried that I've completely locked out the possibility of buying the land. So we now have one instance of: - Siddgeir as Jarl - Helvard is dead - Character is already Thane ...who's still able to purchase the land. I'll keep getting radiant quests from Nenya and see if I bump into something. If anything, I have two bugged Misc. quests in my log which is the same as yours; That is, to report to Skald, and it's logged there twice. Apparently, it's an old bug. It doesn't go away, regardless if Skald is still in control or not (Stormcloak/Empire thing). I don't see any reason why this could lockout the buy option, but it still could. Until Bethesda releases a fix for this, I'll just have to bug Nenya as much as I can.
  13. Is there anyone who were offered the choice to buy the land, and were able to do so, while the current Jarl is Siddgeir AND Halvard is already dead? Just to narrow this down: If the current Jarl is Siddgeir AND Helvard is dead due to the Dark Brotherhood quest, then the option of buying the land will never be offered - Correct? Emphasize on "AND", meaning both criteria has to be in place at the same time. Thanks in advance for any information.
  14. I only need the level 20 ranked/online achievement and I'm 100% with this game. Please add me up, anyone who wants to trade. I can probably offer some of the online Cheevos as well. My GT is: Hikusaak Thanks in advance.
  15. Will add you now. I need the level 20 Cheevo for the game. Hopefully, I get the 10,000 distance thing achievement in the process as well lol. Starting from scratch. My save file got deleted. :-/ Edit: Got the achievement, finally 1,000-ed this game!
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