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  1. big thanks mate, i dared to select warlords and my character was available cheers
  2. hello, after reading the news on the mainpage of this site about a new game mode, i thought i would reinstall, i played the warlords expansion when released and then uninstalled, but after installing again, i get no option to use my charachter i only have the option of main campaign start at leve 1 or Warlords start at level 30 boosted Can i no longer use my old character and gear?
  3. many thanks for update, I am pretty certain we could do it on old site I think it wa GTA V, Bioshock Infinite perched at the top cheers
  4. Will we be able to sort all the reviews that xboxachievements has done by review score ever? Pretty sure we could do that on the old designed site, will it be incorporated into the fantastic new look site
  5. I purchased the disc version of this and had played through 1,2 and started 3. Since it has arrived on gamepass I can no longer load my previous save it wants me to start a new game. Any help?
  6. massive thanks to Necrophage33, helped me get duel and firing range top top man!!!!
  7. thanks pal, all i have left to do is firing range and duel, if you do reinstall much appreciated, but if you bust playing other games not a problem peace
  8. my gamertag for above post o0 JT Fever 0o
  9. anyone willing to help with the duel, revive another player and perfect score on firing range, I will help with any other achievments you need on this game in return
  10. Hi Wanz1, I am following this thread, many thanks for updates, if you still playing am willing to work on any achievements
  11. currently playing, willing to help with co op achievements gamertag oO JT Fever Oo
  12. So how are we meant to play the campaign on higher difficulties when your abilities for Jack (main campaign) and Keegan/Lahni/Mac (hivebusters) dont carry over, surely the point of finding them all on normal difficulty is so you can take on the challenge of higher difficulties, trying to play with no upgrades just adds to the difficulty am I missing something?
  13. thanks i found the video at the top now, as you say by pushing up in the store to the highest tab shown as trailer, is there anyway to wacth the other videos in the video tab on full screen, there are 9 other videos
  14. Hello, does anyone know how to play a video preview of a game in full screen with sound, since the recent update any game I am looking at when i scroll to the video section (currently witcher thronebreaker) the videos auto play and stay in small format with no sound is there a way to play full screen with sound without having to use my laptop and youtube
  15. I got the destroy 5 plague hearts achievment, i just played the regualr game not the green zone maybe start a new world, i understand me saying i had no issue is of no help but they unlocked on time for me, playing from gamepass
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