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  1. Hey I was curious to know if anyone has trouble unlocking then savior kill achievement because i have counted getting over 25 savior kills and still have not received the achievement. I need some suggestions.
  2. Hey, I am just trying to get a team together I already have my other friend so we just need 2 more to get all these achievements down. Sent a request to either Metroslug Mr legacy ii
  3. so it all in one run but each chapter is a checkpoint?
  4. Really I just want someone to give a straight answer. That is all I want.
  5. Sorry about the the mistake, but that someone on another took a picture and confirmed that you must be it without any deaths?????
  6. Well with the news now that its has been confirmed that you have to beat NYMH without dying in one fellow swoop. Who thinks that Rockstar will bow down to its customers and change the requirements or do you think Rockstar will with making one of the hardest if not hardest achievement ever invented??????? Just think this your on chapter 14 and your out of pills your on your last bullet and you miss a headshot boom restart 15 hours lost. I think this goes down to possibly harder than Robotron.
  7. So, I'm sure as everyone knows who has beaten DMC3 you know you unlock Vergil, well I'm messed up cause when I started up my Vergil run I saved over my Dante save(I know I a dumbass) but i wanted to know if I beat Dante Must Die with Vergil will I still get the Dante Super Character or do I need to beat Dante Must Die with Dante to unlock it. I'm really pissed that I have to grind out Dante's skills again, I just hope I can you use a super character to do it.
  8. For the achievement for beating dmc 3 on yellow orb mode how do you go about unlocking or playing that mode
  9. Hey I've looked all over youtube and i can't find any video of someone getting over 9000 levels in the bloody palace so is that accumulative? Or do you really need to beat 9000 levels at one time. Sorry that this might be a dumb question but just curious, I've beaten the bloody palace on dmc 3 and 4 I've never even played 2.
  10. Hey i want to boost the 100 wins right now ill be on till 3 am est. GT:Mr MegaBlaster
  11. I know I can use 2 controllers to get the 100 perfects, but can i use it to also get the X amount of super arts, cross arts, and match finish specifics and etc.?
  12. looking for to boost tonight if you want to send me a message GT: Mr MegaBlaster
  13. Hey If anyone out there is looking for people for Possed Up! or basically any thing thats you multi people for hit me up. GT: Mr MegaBlaster
  14. Hey guys im looking for a few people for the all possed up and the consecutive win achievements please send me a message asap!!!! GT: Mr MegaBlaster
  15. Hey looking for a group to do hideout for 4x xp tonight ill be on at 2 am est. Time Gt: Mr megablaster
  16. Hey just looking for a booster for tonight or tomorrow est. time I am up for the 30 titles if you could help me out. GT: Mr MegaBlaster
  17. So just make sure you just need 80 gems, you dont need to collect every gem in the game.
  18. Hey I just wanted to know if anyone else unlocked this Satanic Hell Difficulty? It didnt seem to pop until I beat all difficulties.
  19. I heard about the serves shuting down and im to close to not finish this game ill be on after 6 pm eastern today messege me. Tag: Caboose45O its not a zero at the end its the letter "O"
  20. Hey I am hosting a lobby tonight at 8pm eastern time i am willing to help anyone with 25 wins we already have 4 people so spots will go fast so request me or message me. tag: Caboose45O its not a zero at the end its the letter "O"
  21. Hey Im hopeing to come back to this game, but I need and insured 4 people.
  22. Hey Im trying to finish this game up anyone up for boosting online achievements message me. Caboose45O its not a zero at the end its the letter "O"
  23. Hey I am up for any boosting besides leveling I really just want to do the the skill kills if anyone is interested messege me. Caboose45O its not a zero at the end its the letter "O"
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