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  1. Hook me up too (kookyscientist). I have all tables and about 650 superscore.
  2. I'm pretty sure that Teh Internets do not count since the few levels I did there are not appearing on the leaderboards BUT they are saved in the map. You probably missed a secret warpzone or a warpzone was not registrated and saved and counted. I can definitely confirm that a warpzone I did was not counted once but later on it was. I also got a character once in a warpzone but no counts...Another question is if a warpzone counts for 1 or for 3 levels (if it counts)?
  3. ...and are added to the leaderboard? I guess yes for the warpzones although I have serious saving problems and I'm also not quite sure if a warpzone that gives you a character for finishing is getting count. Teh Internets do not count I would say. It's pretty hard if the beaten warpzones do not save. On one hand you can not see which one is missing later on and on the other if there is no level left to beat (or it's simply to difficult) and trigger the count you also have a problem. Would be smart to wait for the update. However. Anyone?
  4. He is quite easy if you know the patterns. Do it like a man. If you need help here I see no chances for the next levels.
  5. F**k I had issues again too. Pretty much the whole 3rd stage wasn't saved. I do the replay watching thing now after every level. I'm around level 100 and I'm getting VERY angry!!! Thanx for the method anyway - hope it works. Speaking of warp zones: had vanishing ones too. So far did 7 or 8 and nothing popped. How can I see if I beat them and if it's on the counter? Im afraid I can't.
  6. It's much harder than the lost levels. Like the higher levels in Bit.Trip Runner.
  7. I had the same issues. Save a replay. That triggered the autosave for me I guess.
  8. It seems to work now. Autosave was glitched I guess. If you still have problems save a replay that might trigger something and worked for me.
  9. Nope. And NOW all the levels I've done are gone too. The levels I did are white now BUT the single leaderboard entries of the white ones are still intact. I won't play further untill I know the mechanics. It's to hard to do it all over again with A+ times.
  10. It's not only 1-16. It's everything. I opened a general threat here: http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/showthread.php?t=268157
  11. There seems to be a massive problem with the leaderboards. I did the first world and it just showed 4 Levels on the leaderboard. Now I'm stuck at 33. did a whole lot more I guess. It could be that you can not use the back button, but I tried everything and have no idea. Does it have to be in one sitting? The levels are saved and one can also see the single leaderboard entry for each level but overall something seems pretty much glitched up. Great game btw.
  12. Unfortunately I can confirm that it does not work. You have to be careful to not accidentally take a shortcut...
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