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  1. Still some complete sets floating around? And/or captaincy cards? GT: xTMx Voytek
  2. Looking for halo 1 LASO checkpoint and maybe ODST, I'll help you run through the last level! Also, will help with any other achievement in the game (and any other game) even if I already have it. Message me on XBL please!
  3. If anyone is still going for invasions/gifting, add me! GT: xTMx Voytek
  4. Spoilers obviously: At the beginning of the mission your hideout gets flooded with guards and the second objective is to kill them all and clear out the hideout. Ok, not too bad. Except I recently found out that traps set by your clone don't count as 'kills' apparently. So I was unable to complete the secondary objective. I tried hiding every body by stashing it, pouring acid on it, or by dropping it into the abyss but that didn't help since I locked up two guards with a clone trap. I just wanted to give others a heads up in case you were wondering why you didn't complete the objective.
  5. This happened to me too while playing through Halo CE. I noticed it the other day when I popped two complete x mission achievements at the same time. Then it happened again where my tracking had previously said 368, then I got the 400 completion by beating one mission. I just play through on legendary with bandanna, grunt funeral and birthday party skulls on. Afterwards, when I hover over the level to show the game I completed it, it pops. Weird glitch but doesn't really matter since you still need the x amount of MP wins so you'd get these achievements eventually.
  6. Every time I load up Microsoft WIN 8 games (jigsaw, solitaire, etc.) it won't sign me in to Xbox live even though it's linked to my computer. For Solitaire I can at least play offline, albeit not signed in, but Jigsaw just has the loading dots and says signing in forever. Has anyone encountered this issue and does anyone know how to fix it??
  7. I found out that for the collectible achievements I didn't get, I could go on the bed to look through them all one by one for the game to realize I had enough (letters/scrapbook). I'll have to replay the other stuff later I'm sure. Thanks for the snap suggestion, I opened it up and used my vision to see if it was tracking right. It has to do with the system idling or something of that nature, a lot of games have troubles with it. For example, if your xbone goes into sleep mode while playing Alien Isolation, you can't unpause the game when you load it up again. I guess it breaks achievements for D4...
  8. Yeah this just happened to me.. Completed action sequences and collected more than enough for several achievements and nothing popped. I quit the game and then replayed it then got another achievement to pop when I picked up something else. My guess is that since I left the game on and it went into sleep mode that when I came back it was all glitched out for some reason.. Who knows with the problems the one has had. Let us know if you find a solution or anything please!
  9. I know that once THQ folded a bunch of different companies bought the rights to their games/franchises. Nordic games actually reinstated achievements that were unobtainable at one point in time if I remember correctly. So the point of this is: who owns it and do you think we could petition to get the servers back up, at least temporarily? I hardly played this game when I rented it way back when and unfortunately missed out on the ranked achievements..
  10. Howdy Voytek. I just wanted to congratulate you on being accepted in XboxAchievements 100,000 Max Club! You will forever be enshrined as member number 514. Many congratulations! You can see your accomplishment here.

  11. Got these again and I'd say Pocketbike racer. Although I really liked the ice hockey game in Big Bumpin..but that game is just too frustrating overall to get my number one spot. Sneak king was hilarious but I got bored way too easily.
  12. Recently repurchased the BK games and I was feeling demoralized while grinding for this achievement.. Came here to make sure the method works and it popped while reading! No update since I last played back in 2007 so it's never getting patched lol
  13. I hope you solved this by now, but if not, you CAN still get this achievement. You either have to watch someone else do it by joining their game or have them give you a chicken suit. For the people who unlocked it in their game, they can buy replacement suits at the clothing store meaning giving you a suit isn't that big of a deal.
  14. Yes, the servers are still up. I just got the doll achievement today.
  15. Yeah it's very possible, I've done it. I think the Sai's can be thrown by moving your arm quickly. Or maybe starting with a fist and opening your hand mimicking how you would throw one in real life?
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