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  1. I'd understand if they said "Done, Unlocking.." but that's not the case. They simply aren't tracking any more. The Xbox app tracking shows "Max Cores Extracted: 85" but the achievement itself is stuck on 70%, when it should be 100% and unlocked. This isn't just an Xbox One bug. I've played the majority of the game on PC and only loaded my save up on console a few times to see how it ran on Xbox One, and also a few times to see if I could progress with the achievements. This isn't a case of waiting a few hours, they're simply not tracking any more and will not unlock.
  2. Anyone else having issues with achievement tracking? Extract 50 Cores is currently sitting on 80 but the progress says 70% and won't move (neither will the 100 core one) Craft 10 Parts has been stuck at 9/10 for two days and I have crafted EVERYTHING that I've got (way more than 10 plans!) Dig Up 10 Items With A K-9 frame is stuck at 60% even though I just dug up two more items. Didn't move. Perform 20 Instant Extractions has been stuck at 55% for two days. I've started a new save in slot three and got to a point where I can craft. Crafted a new part, still stuck. Extractions still aren't counting, too. These are just the achievements that I've paid attention to. I'm sure there are more. I've tried unlocking achievements on both X1 and PC with no luck. I don't know what to do. I don't want to carry on with the game and miss out on loads of achievements because of it and making a new save has solved nothing. Edit:
  3. Missing the last document too, checked in the Cistern Tomb and I remember that I already collected that one. Damn! Edit: According to an image that I looked at, I'm missing one right here http://i.imgur.com/YMipOO4.jpg
  4. Yep I found them all now. You can still see Relics in Strongholds, but you have to actually visit them and hold down the thumbstick. Very annoying!
  5. Aren't boarders just people that jump on to the side of your car? If so, you could just drive about until you see another car on the road, shoot/pull their wheel off so they get out, then let them hop on your car and kill. I've still seen a fair amount of cars around, even after completing.
  6. I have: Looted all scavenging locations. Completed all camps. Completed all strongholds. Completed all wasteland missions. Completed the main story. Yet I'm missing four History Relics and have 96% completion on that achievement. What could I be missing? Everything on the map has a green tick in a yellow/orange hexagon, to show that I've completed it. -- Edit: I think I've found my problem. Although the Vantage Outposts (Air balloons) have a tick next to them, it doesn't mean that the loot in these locations has been found. It's odd, because I had a scrap missing from one of these Outposts and I already have the achievement for looting all scavenging locations. I guess these don't count towards the achievement!
  7. x_Silxx_x


    If you have the "Scrap Crew" (Automatically collect scrap while offline) upgrade in a stronghold, make sure your game is completely closed when turning your Xbox off. If you have fast resume on your game, you won't earn any of the scrap. That will help you out with a fair bit.
  8. You need to do this in every stronghold for "The Constructionist" (Build all projects in all strongholds) too! I built everything, bought all the car parts and upgraded Max before buying these. Once you have all the upgrades, scrap becomes pretty worthless; so I just spent it all on the stockpiles.
  9. A lot of the perks can be unlocked really early on, at the start of the second chapter "Docks" Reloading checkpoint doesn't reset progress. So.. at the start of the level, the boat will stop in a small area with around 7-8 enemies. You can use these to grind: Last Bullet Kills Kills From Cover MG46 Kills (From the boat) Dual-Wield Kills Kampfpistole Kills Collect Helmets (There's about 7 dotted around this small area) You can also get all Health upgrades and the 3 kills with one grenade. I would record a detailed video showing the locations of everything, but my HD-PVR2 decided to break in a recent power cut, but I do have a 30 second recording of the Health Upgrade. Video:
  10. You get it after you complete a mission for Willis. It was showing up on my map before hand and I thought it was bugged, but once I had done the mission it was sitting on the corner of the desk.
  11. I'm pretty oblivious to what Phil has done in the past, but I see what he's doing now and it's all good! He seems like a pretty humble and down to earth guy. Thank god he's now in charge!
  12. Honest answer? I think it's one of the best, if not the best looking game (currently) on the Xbox One.
  13. How do I get up there? I've spent a little while on Chapter 9 trying to work out how to get up on to the 4th floor. According to the map, the way up is on top of the boxes next to the room where you can throw knives. You can't climb on top of the boxes and I've spent about 15 minutes throwing knives at random things hoping it'll make something fall down so that I can walk up it, but have had no luck. Can you even get up there? Am I overlooking a really simple way up? If anyone has got up there, I'd love to know how. Thanks!
  14. Same problem here, too. Was going to try and 100% the game since I have all but one MP achievement and the SP ones aren't hard at all, but both achievements for completing all challenges and finding all collectables just won't unlock. Surely there's a way to trigger the achievements if you've completed them? Edit: Replayed a few levels on easy and they popped. Really strange!
  15. I put a tonne of money on Fruit, did the mission and slept for 3 days. No change at all. Slept for a week, still no change. Did a few more missions. No change. Something's f**ked..
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