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  1. I've got two of them with a Power Plant next to them and two furnaces for quicker results. I have to say though, I've made way more cash off of a Quarry and lightening rod. I placed the Quarry on it's own island so the whole thing files with ore and crystals. Go in, spend ten minutes zapping them all way, cook and sell the ore. I end up with so much ore I don't have to worry about selling it. There's always more appearing.
  2. I've been collecting the pocket players for a minute, and got this one for Christmas. They're easy to come buy if I get them on the internet, but they're more pricey there. So I'm trying to find them in brick and mortar stores. I may end up buying some online in the end though, I've yet to see Dig Dug or Bases Loaded in stores. I also got a $30 GameStop card and a Super Mario Bros Lootbox.
  3. I don't plan on getting one until Far Cry 6 comes out. I looked at the launch lineup and there's nothing I'm interested in playing. Everything I have right now is holding me over. Plus by next year they'll have more systems and I'll be able to snag on without issue.
  4. He's bitching, but not bitching about Xbox.
  5. Pool swimming Spray deodorant or stick deodorant?
  6. That's no longer true. I play Friday the 13th all the time with a mic and can easily chat with everyone in the game. I do agree they need some achievement system though. This year the Switch has been my go to console due to work and the kids. I just don't have time to boot up the Xbox right now, so the Switch comes in handy cause I can get in and out quick without having to take over a TV.
  7. Currently grinding Super Mario 35. I've passed level 60 and have opened the worlds 1-4, and a couple of the higher up levels. I'm at the point where I'm facing people that have stars by their rankings, so matches are running out of time and it's getting harder and harder. I enjoy the challenge but jesus some of these players are stupid good.
  8. Neither is better than the other. They both play games, movies, TV. They provide years of entertainment at a good price. It's time to stop trying to figure out which is better, it's more important that we're playing video games, not trying to determine which is better.
  9. This is yet another sign of the downside to the GWG program. At some point, you either repeat games you've given out, give out games that the masses already have, or give out games that people didn't buy in the first place. It's awesome for gamers who are on a budget and those that maybe didn't try games like Dead Space, but for those gamers that can afford to buy into games regularly, the program is more miss than hit. I don't ever get mad at the lineup if it's not good, but I will call it out for being terrible.
  10. I Am Alive, great game and never gets talked about. I have a small hope they're do a sequel one day.
  11. I'm not shocked, that's a game that sucks you in and keeps you going. I've got 86 hours logged on Steam alone, Switch port I have over 70 and Xbox about the same I believe. I couldn't tell you how long on my phone, but safe to say, the game can be a big time sink. It's so damn good though.
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