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  1. That why a lot of games if you quite it still count has a lost but still piss u off that they quite .And sometime even if they get a lost and you win u still do not get the reward for do it
  2. If anyone can help or will help. I will help in anyway I can. On this game or any other game I can Just let me know After it pop up I will give them back if you want or pass on to someone else that need them Sword sould rinker Pistols bloodcraver / brias blaster /chickenbane /dragonstomper .48 / the ice maiden / tee killer shorter hammer hammer of wilmagedden / jack hammer / soythe warhammer/ sorrow fist / (not sure but might need the tenderizer rifles arkwright flintlock/ the equalizer / the shricking pilgrim/ simmons shogunate / skorm justice
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