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  1. Could be that or because she did get hit by a car not too long ago. She is probably still recovering from that. She was a bruised up a few episodes ago. I don't think too much time has passed from then. But yes I believe that she is also playing some what weak, can't put all your cards on the table. Then again the group knows the score at this point you can't show weakness either cause people will take what they can off you if you appear weak.
  2. I really looking forward to Daredevil on Netflix. Hopefully it does well and now that Sony and Marvel have come to some sort of agreement on Spider-man. I would really love to see him as a TV series. I think with the large amount of talk about him going to be younger and wanting him to stay in high school for a longer period of time would work very well for TV format. Plus just think of all the lower level supers they could have him team up with. Plus if they hire an young unknown and he does well they could still put him up to having that big budget movie as well for the big stuff. That way your always getting at weekly fix and the That every so often Big Screen payout. If Done right they could ride it out for a long long time to come.
  3. I read in the reader responses that the reason he killed Glenn in the comic was, he said the he became a shadow of what the character is in the show. The actor does do a damn fine job of portraying Glenn. But it was still sad none the less to see him die in the comic as being one of my remaining favorites. On a similar note to characters does anyone watch Death Battle? Cause I would love to see a Rick TV verse a Rick Comic battle. But I think comic Rick would destroy TV Rick.
  4. So I'm guessing th multiplayer still doesn't work? I've been sitting here for the past 30 mins and nothing. Honestly I just want my money back for the game.
  5. You know OP there is really nothing to be ashamed about. Just try your best and hey that's all you can really do, though with that said I was thinking about doing a kinda tutorial on how to get better at fps games. When I started I was ok, but I got stuck in at a point were I was not getting any better no matter how hard I tried. But then I just went online found a few videos and tried to listen and apply what they were teaching and behold I got better. It wasn't really and over night thing but it takes practice and dedication.
  6. Post engrams worked, they give purple engrams. I had 6 messages from the cryptroll. Only got one legendary engram and got shards but hey it did work.
  7. Just got my first exotic bounty today, and finished for my Thorn.
  8. That's what I'm doing, leaving my legendary messages at the post in hope they will actually be purple when they roll out the patch.
  9. Would like to thank everyone for the raid last night, finished the Vault of Glass run. Good job guys. Planning on doing the run again sometime this week. Make sure to hit me up if you want to do the run, or any of the strikes/raid. GT- SynysterChris
  10. Hey man i got some people to raid with, maybe if you want to combine our teams of who we have and make the raid runs. I will message you on live, and add you.
  11. Hey I'm looking to do the raid Vault of Glass, as I have not done it yet. Looking to get the at least 4/5 people. I messaged a few of you on live and added you if anyone else is interested message me on live plz. And hopefully we can all get this done. Level 26 Hunter -atm Gamertag- SynysterChris
  12. Two MOAR hand cannon sprees and I'm done, holy shit this sucks. UPDATE: FUCK YA, GOT IT!!!
  13. Thank you, at least some one else feels my pain. cheers:drunk Ya, unless you have a legendary or an exotic handcannon they are just shit. I would like to get The Last Word that one looks cool, and actually unique in this game of recolored crap. Honestly Bungie needs to increase the attack speed of hand cannons/scouts to make them viable. If not they are a waste of time to play with, unless of course your want to commit suicide at the end of whatever bounty is associated with them and lucky you its head shots, or better yet a head shot spree even better. MUhahahahah
  14. Ya I know, honestly its just when dealing with these bounties I go rageaholic I wouldn't use them normally its just really frustrating when having to use these pieces of shit. I could just skip the bounties with these but I'm to stubborn of a completionist to not do them. When I'm not restricted by that I'm usually doing really great, and actually having fun. Just bitching:drunk
  15. God I am really getting sick of this game. Trying to grind all these fucking handgun/scout rifle bounties are just driving me fucking crazy. They are so under powered its not funny. I'm like a fucking mile away and headshots all day, and either get shotguned a mile away or I do like no damage, and they just absorb all the damage and shotgunned. Autorifles are also a big fucking joke as they are just so much better than anything else primary. They need to up the firing speed on both, and the clip sizes or handguns in pvp. Most have like 3-4 shots which is a fucking joke for pvp.
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