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  1. I have to say im guilty of doing the same and i find it sad that a lot of the time im basing which game i buy on the achievements.Gaming is suppose to be about fun ! What are achievements really doing to us ?
  2. no im glad you cant delete them because everyones list would be perfect.
  3. Do you think having this addiction is a bad thing ? Obviously compared to drugs etc its not a very serious addiction but do any of you find that it can take over your life ? Before i met my wife and we had 2 children i would have to say all i cared about was getting that next achievement.I would usally play for 6 to 8 hours a day.Now im happy if i get 1 to 2 hours a day lol.I honestly dont even care or look at the achievement half the time when it pops up.The only satisfaction i get is when i have 100% completed the game.
  4. How many of you find gaining achievements to be very addictive ? I have to say i do.I always try and get all the achievements in a game and if i cant ill only be missing 1 or 2 of them.Just so that game will say 200,1000,1500 or 1750.I often get called a cheater or hacker as most my games are completed 95% but when this happens i take it as a compliment as i know im legit.Do you think achievements are a good thing or bad ? Sure they give you extra things to do in a game but are you having fun while your doing things like collecting items ? I mean i love achievements and gaming but sometimes i wonder why i even care about achievements.I mean in life overall they are not even important. I think achievements have taken over my gaming if that makes sense lol
  5. hey im looking to get most of the zombie achievements with good players with a mic send us a message or fr over xbox live and lets get this done
  6. Wow completed this in under 2 hours while i was drunk lol This has to be the easiest pal 1000 since avatar.Just need a mic and your set to go.I didnt even answer properly i just said stupid crap.If you have a usb or wireless microphone you MUST pick this up !!!
  7. I knew i wasnt the only one thinking this.The first 2 weeks all i did was play kinect,had heaps of fun,lost a pound or two and got 1k on adventures and kinectimals since then its just sat there gathering dust.My fiance loves playing your shape fitness evolved and dance central but they are not the games for me.Kinect sports looks like fun.I would like to see some kinect games with some depth,story and adventure.I thought they would of had a shooter out by now and maybe a good racing game.I would like to feel apart of a kinect game not just jumping around my lounge room like a crazy person on E even though thats fun aswell lol
  8. Well i started playing multiplayer last night and after a few races the game got stuck on the screen at the start of a race where it says waiting for other players.I waited 10 minutes and was still stuck there so i hit the B button it said if i leave ill get penalised in the next race.So i dashboard out,start up the game and i have dropped a rank down.This has happened 2 times with in 2 hours.What a load of crap ? The race hasnt even started yet so how can it be classed as quitting ? It has just happened again to my fiance while i am writing this.Hope this gets fixed soon as i cant see myself getting to lvl 20 if this keeps up.So if anyone wants to boost to lvl 20 send me a fr i have had enough of this.gt is warlordak47
  9. hey just need 5 wins send us a message over xbox live or a fr and lets get this done
  10. I heard that on launch there was going to be 16 or 17 kinect games available.I am from Australia but i can only find the same 6 or 7 games in the shops and even on the net.Im a bit disapointed with the number of games available at the moment as most of them are nearly the same, sport and exercise.Does anyone know if this info is correct and what are some of the up coming releases for kinect ?
  11. Thank you so much for posting this.I finally got the achievement would of been much harder and time consuming if i didnt know the cycle.thanks again
  12. With Gow3 getting pushed back to the end of the year epic wont be able to have any excuses this time around.Interesting to see what the beta will be like.I always have liked gow achievements but lvl 100 was a bit to much considering all the problems with multiplayer etc.I got level 100 with koth boosting in 2 days,now i only need 2 more wins on social annex,canals and gold rush and this will finally be 100% complete after 2 years.I respect all those gear heads who made it to lvl 100 without boosting.Cant wait to sell this on ebay lol
  13. This is a great thread especialy for this game.everything that has been said is true.my main problem is the amount of time it takes to get to level 100.im at level 55 and i googled gow2 xp and this calculator thing came up that tells you what percent you are and how far you need to go anyway at level 55 im only 12% wtf !!!! ive played this a while now but i cant spend 12 hours a day playing this crap for the next year for this stupid achievement as i have a job and 2 kids.epic the multiplayer suxs dead,dogs,d**ks.hope yous fix all this rubbish for gow3.yous do know sequels are suppose to be better !!! get it wright next time or i wont be buying it.thats my bitching done.thank you
  14. Top guide mate,has helped a lot 10/10:)
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