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  1. PS Apologies for the mass deleted wall posts. Just a little spring cleaning as I shift everything to sites I am active on :)

  2. Please direct all inquiries and otherwise to http://www.idiivil.com as I do not check this site any longer (and have moved on to PC gaming).

  3. I don't trust them to make good games at all. Never was a fan of anything they've ever put out personally.
  4. I figured Auburok would beat me to this But yes, Einstok. omg. I'm not even a girl who likes beer and that stuff tastes freakin' heavenly.
  5. I think people are quick to jump to being dyslexic... same as how people are quick to jump to being bipolar or having some other kind of mental disorder. It's an excuse when it's real. It's not an excuse when it's some unofficial diagnoses where the person just declares, "I am bipolar/dyslexic/some other disease that isn't readily apparent." A lot of people like to say they are something when they are not, and in short, I find that very disrespectful to the people who really do struggle with such things. In this case, I don't think this individual is dyslexic, or if he is, then it isn't really the problem for his FB statuses. That just looks like lazy FB typing.
  6. That's awesome! And yeah, he's really funny He joked with me that he was actually meant to be the scantily clad girl but decided to try the warrior look instead... said he thought I pulled off his original role pretty well ;P Made me smile
  7. He was really cool in person Big DnD/Warhammer fan too. I'll post an official modeling shot later once I get them back so you can see the awesomeness that ensued.
  8. For a road trip... 1. Tissues. Seriously. You never realize how important they are until you need them and don't have them. 2. Painkillers for the inevitable backache you will get when you drive 6-8 hours a day for a while. 3. Water. Snacks. Energy drinks. Other consumables. 4. Music. 5. A partner for the road... one who you can tolerate for that amount of time in a cramped space. Silence is golden - you don't always need to chat, but I always feel like I am a more alert driver when someone else is beside me. 6. A good car and a spare tire - maybe even a little toolkit of stuff for the car in case you get stuck on the side of the road (blanket, first aid, those flare thingys...) 7. Your phone and a phone charger. 8. Map/GPS/your phone.
  9. I got to model today with Josh Barnett (American mixed martial artist and professional wrestler) for a Frank Frazetta styled shoot. I'm on the right <3
  10. I would highly recommend speaking to a local attorney instead of asking for advice from the internet. Most people are not qualified to give you any level of advice when it comes to law, and a lot of the advice you are given could be dead wrong.
  11. Hey, thanks for the picture comments. I'm not sure if 360a tells you that I replied, so just letting you know that I answered you!

  12. Had this linked to me. About sums up the PS4 "reveal" ... loved it. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0rJDn0jRnUQ]PS4 Announcement - Abridged Version - YouTube[/ame]
  13. You're getting with the wrong chicks. How do you think Auburok snagged me? Video games, babay.
  14. +1 Nothing in excess is healthy. Case in point? Vitamins. An excess of vitamins will put you in the hospital just as quick as an excess of alcohol.
  15. I have no opinion on dubstep, though I do have an opinion on people who spend a lot of time and energy hating on people who have a different taste than them. It's one thing to say dubstep sucks and sounds like a toilet. It's another thing to say people that like dubstep are stupid/ignorant. That's like saying people who like anime are antisocial weirdos who are obsessed with Japan or saying people who like first person shooters are all people who will go shoot up their school or workplace one day. Not the classiest statements to be making, IMO.
  16. You're mostly paying for the bottle, though the vodka isn't bad by any stretch of the imagination. I'd say it's a tier above Stolichnaya in smoothness and otherwise.
  17. I drink a lot, though I very rarely drink to get drunk/smashed (all things in moderation - including moderation). I mostly get to a "pleasant buzz" point and play some video games. Wines, champagnes, and malt liquors like Smirnoff Ice and Mike's Hard. I also have a bottle of Crystal Head Vodka and El Mayor Tequila for when I want to indulge in something stronger.
  18. I got to do a 1920's era hair style for a corset shoot And after our shoot, the makeup artist/wardrobe stylist took a picture of the photographer and I so you could see the awesome hair/makeup in color Otherwise, here's me in my non-modeling environment ... just sitting playing some video games.
  19. Birthday cake ice cream bars or cookie dough ice cream
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