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  1. So i was doing the Ebony Mail daedric quest alone (Aela was at Breezehome), after getting the armor, i was too heavy so i: dropped some dragon bones on a corpse outside the door where you receive the armor fast traveled back to Whiterun to do a sell-my-crap run (also discovered i had a 1000 gold bounty when i got there, not sure if that’s related) went and got Aela from our house and dropped unneeded things off in my storage box went back to get the dragon bones killed the vampire group who attacked us taunted a dragon flying overhead for 30 seconds traveled back to Whiterun to deposit the dragon bones into storage That’s when she turned up missing. She just wasn’t there. She didn’t die (I don’t even think she can?), I didn’t tell her to wait nor part ways while away from Whiterun. I waited several days in the city, checked to see if she went back to the Companions building for some reason, nothing. She is also my wife, if that makes a difference. Has this happened to anyone else whether with her or any other follower, and do they eventually show up again?
  2. they seem to have the glitches worked out, but today i just noticed the newest DLC isnt included in the season pass which is BS.
  3. no its not in the season pass which is complete and utter bull crap. i was just poking around today at the Black Friday deals and decided to see if it was on sale (spoiler: it isn't), then realized i own the season pass, then realized its not included in the season pass. needless to say i'm calling Xbox and complaining. yes it does, but when the description for the season pass literally states: not to mention season passes for literally every other game gives you all future DLC, its pretty messed up for Microsoft to come back and go "well so this DLC isnt included."
  4. the last thing i needed was a Flash Grenade. so besides all weapons, you need all grenade types, the Stun Rod, the prox bombs, and then i had one stack of all types of Grenade Launcher ammo which i'm not sure if that's required or not but easy to buy so might as well just to be sure. same with all types of gun ammo, not sure if thats required but i had them all anyway.
  5. same choices for the same reasons, except my reasoning for giving the body to the Corps was more i felt it was smarter to stay on their good side. i got kinda pissed when they said it would take like a year before we got payment though. i mean yeah the Collector probably would have done something douchey, true. also about the voice actors, no chance they could get the people from the movies to voice in the game, they are all big movie stars. Vin Diesel might be an exception but that would only be because he's a pretty big nerd in actuality, plus it wouldn't have been difficult for him to spend a couple days saying "I am Groot" a handful of different ways. too bad they couldn't have just convinced Disney to let them have Vin's audio files from the films. though i will say Nolan North is a pretty good alternative to Bradley Cooper's Rocket.
  6. not sure why these threads are needed for Telltale games as the episodes are always right around 2-3 hours.
  7. i made all the same choices as you guys. lol that's interesting!
  8. do you know exactly which shops because i've checked a bunch of shops and they only have paint if anything for the Nomad.
  9. i imported at level 58 or 59 and so far Insanity is a joke. its just a matter of hiding behind cover, getting skills that help you stay alive behind cover (shields that recharge faster in cover) and sending in your teammates. i use Drack and Cora and they rarely go down, but when they do, i simply Cloak and get them back up then go back to cover. while in cover i snipe and use tech powers like Incinerate, but ranged biotic powers work too. i wouldnt recommend using the Grenade power at all because it doesnt do much damage for how many grenades you are allowed to carry at a time, or honestly any combat power, just get the combat passives for the weapons you like to use, plus the other passives if you have enough points. just get ranged tech and biotic powers and use those and snipe behind cover and you will be fine. you could get Nova for when enemies get too close to you but dont get Charge as you want to stay back. i use a Black Widow V or VI and X5 Ghost V or so. Black Widow is the best sniper rifle and Ghost is arguably the best assault rifle. also have a Dhan shotgun as backup. it's only hard if you play a fresh game on Insanity.
  10. i'm on my NG+ Insanity playthrough, and i'm just curious about the Nomad Mods. on your loadout screens, under Nomad where you select the paint job you want on it, what's the deal with the Mods? i have yet to find 1 single item for this Mod category. do they exist, if so, where can you find them?
  11. that ending was crazy. totally didnt see it coming.
  12. send me a message (in sig) if you would like to do Briggs co-op missions. i was gonna wait for a friend to do them with but it looks like he's not gonna get this game.
  13. I think I might have barely bumped into one of the lasers when initially talking to the dirty cop in charge of the aug fake ID scam (forgot his name) early on. No alarms went off, nobody got suspicious, and I did NOT receive the info hint thing about alarms which I've read happens the first time you trigger an alarm. Should I be worried about Foxiest now? Like I said I'm not 100% sure I actually did touch the laser. Would I have known for sure if I did touch it, or any other laser for that matter? It kinda flickered and I heard some sort of faint noise. I only ask because there are such conflicting reports about what does and doesn't void the achievement.
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