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  1. The Buffalo Panthers strike again I'm kidding, I believe it was a good move for both teams. I do think the Panthers could have gotten a little better compensation (maybe a 3rd and 5th), but overall I think the trade will benefit both the Panthers and Bills. I hope the best for Benjamin in Buffalo.
  2. I wish I could make it so the map never comes up, I hate it.
  3. Well, its just a matter of time before I'll be too drunk to type. GO PANTHERS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bring the trophy home CAMVP.
  4. Good game to Seattle. Already pumped (also slightly nervous) to see the NFC championship game! Josh Norman vs. Larry Fitzgerald should be a hell of a matchup.
  5. Damn nice! I wanna get it on vinyl but its so hard to find! I know I can order it online but aside from my Vinyl Me Please subscription I prefer to find everything at record stores...:p

  6. Yeah I just redid my top 5 and Dark Side is now #2. In The Court of The Crimson King by King Crimson is my new #1. If you haven't heard it yet, I highly recommend it. You should make a list on that website, I'd love to see it. :p

  7. Looks like it'll be Carolina vs. Seattle again. Goodluck.
  8. It probably would have helped Minnesota in the long run had they lost tonight. I would much rather go into Lambeau to play Green Bay again than play Seattle, even if it is at home.
  9. Here's my opinions. Most Valuable Player: Winner: Cam Newton Runner Up: Tom Brady Offensive Player of the Year: Winner: Antonio Brown Runner Up: Cam Newton Offensive Rookie of the Year: Winner: Todd Gurley Runner Up: Amari Cooper Defensive Player of the Year: Winner: Chandler Jones Runner Up: Josh Norman Defensive Rookie of the Year: Winner: Marcus Peters Runner Up: Ronald Darby Comeback Player of the Year: Winner: Eric Berry Runner Up: Adrian Peterson Breakout Player of the Year: Winner: Josh Norman Runner Up: Allen Robinson Coach of the Year: Winner: Ron Rivera Runner Up: Bill Belichick Fantasy Player of the Year: Winner: Cam Newton Runner Up: Tom Brady
  10. Basically its just my favorite albums. Any album I rate 85/100 or higher is eligible for the list. I just updated the list but by doing so I got rid of so many albums I'm only at 77 now :o.

  11. I lost all respect for Odell Beckham's bitch ass. I cannot believe the refs didn't eject him.
  12. I would say Incognito has had himself a pro-bowl caliber year.
  13. Playoff predictions : AFC: 1st Seed: Broncos (14-2) 2nd Seed: Patriots (14-2) 3rd Seed: Bengals (13-3) 4th Seed: Texans (8-8) 5th Seed: Chiefs (11-5) 6th Seed: Bills (10-6) NFC: 1st Seed: Panthers (16-0) 2nd Seed: Cardinals (12-4) 3rd Seed: Packers (11-5) 4th Seed: Giants (8-8) 5th Seed: Seahawks (11-5) 6th Seed: Vikings (10-6) My bold prediction is that the Bills are going to win the rest of their games giving them a 10-6 record and playoff birth. However, if the Bills lose one its going to be week 17 against the Jets which will give the Jets the 6th seed with a 10-6 record.
  14. I might have a heart attack before this game ends
  15. Yeah the Vikings looked terrible today. Hopefully the Panthers can pull out this win, that first half was the worst half I've seen Carolina play all year. This game reminds me why I hate New Orleans so much.
  16. Lol, I'm so sorry Pants. Must be rough.
  17. Who do you guys got for MVP? It's gotta be between Cam and Brady at this point. Obviously I'd like Cam to get it though
  18. Yeah its gotta be him or Brady. Maybe Palmer..

  19. A good way to give some recognition to the active guide writers on the site! Cannot ever have too many awards, either!
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