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  1. So many plot twists in that game. Glad the Lions got that W though.
  2. "Worst 8-0 team" talk from the media incoming! Lmao
  3. Holy shit. I thought I was gonna have a heart attack. 7-0
  4. This game is a mess. Cmon Carolina!!!
  5. Tough day today in the NFL. So many big name players going down with injuries.
  6. I told you a while back Kaepernick is some cheeks
  7. Majoring in Hospitality Management.

  8. I also really liked the soundtrack for Life Is Strange. Here is the track list on Spotify.
  9. If you're looking for it, here it is.
  10. How about them CAROLINA PANTHERS??!!
  11. Not much man! Finished up my freshman year at college, now I'm a sophomore with access to xbox live (at least when my roommate isn't using it). I'm think I'm ready to start getting some achievements again.

  12. You'll probably start seeing me on here more and more from now on. And yes, the Panthers are playoff bound once more!
  13. I've missed achievement hunting. I've been thinking about possibly coming out of retirement which would lead me back into the forums.
  14. Thanks for making these guides with images Pants. Very helpful since I'd rather have images than watch videos.
  15. This game is AMAZING!! You told Kate to wait for more proof - Definitely felt like this was the right decision at the time because it seems like it would just have made her situation worse telling on Nathan when there wasn't 100% proof. You answered Kate's call - I mean it kinda pissed me off that Chloe got pissed at me for a quick phone call. Kate needed at friend more than anything so of course I was going to answer. You didn't try to shoot Frank - I saw no reason to shoot him. It seemed out of character for Max to attempt to shoot him at the point it got to. If the situation would have gotten more life threatening then, yeah I would have tried to shoot him. You couldn't save Kate - This bums me out. You blamed Nathan - Gotta try to blame him at every turn. I wish we could have really had a more in depth conversation in the principals office so I could have brought up more of what I have seen. -You watered the plant -You didn't help Alyssa -You erased the ink to Kate's video -You were not friendly with Taylor -You accepted Warrens invitation -You wrote a message -You didn't tamper with the railtracks -You gained entry to the Vortex Club party -You helped Warren -You told on David to Mr. Jefferson
  16. Finally got around to playing this episode. - Saved Uncle - Obeyed Margaery and did not talk to Tyrion - Kicked Britt off the cliff - Submitted to Gryff Whitehill - Kept the Ironwood Decree I for one and really enjoying this game. The story has been really interesting to me and honestly keeps me on the edge of my seat. This game, The Walking Dead, and The Wolf Among us have been all great for me. I played the first episode of the Borderlands game and probably won't return, I thought that one was the boring one.
  17. Finished my weekly pick-em 176-79. Not quite as great as I did last season, even a couple of the ESPN experts have beaten me. If only I didn't have this bad habit of picking the Panthers every week... Nonetheless I am 4-0 so far in the post season to bring me to 180-79 on the season. This week is tough...pretty much any game can go either way and should all be pretty close. I'm going with Patriots Panthers Packers Broncos I want to pick the Ravens since post-season Flacco is a whole different QB and Baltimore usually plays well against NE in the post-season. I think Flacco will have a great game, but I just don't have confidence in the pass defense of Baltimore to be able to stop Gronk and all the mediocre receivers that somehow turn elite under Brady. 24-21 New England I would also like to pick the Boys, and I think this will be the best game of the weekend but I dont foresee the cold being much of a factor, it never really seems to have as much of an effect as everybody makes it seem. I think Murray has a big game, but Rodgers ends up making enough big plays to pull out the win in the end. 30-28 Green Bay Broncos tear apart the Colts rush defense and Peyton goes back to being good ol' Peyton. Julius Thomas cant be stopped and the Broncos win, but it wont be easy. 34-24 Denver And I think the Panthers have the tools to squeeze out a win (I know I'm biased, but what good fan isnt?) and here's why. Carolina is a whole different team at this point in the season than the team they were at 3-7-1. Carolina's defense is matching that of Seattle and they are right with Seattle right now as the hottest team in football. Newton is healthy and is back to being one of the top rushing players in the entire league, I dont see Seattle being able to stop Cam from being able to scramble when he needs too. Stewart is the #1 running back over the past 5 weeks and hopefully can make an impact, even though I dont see him or Lynch rushing for over 70 yards, at the most. I think Cam has better play makers to throw too (Olsen, Benjamin) than Wilson does (Baldwin). Carolina has been playing in a win-or-go-home style now for the past 5 weeks, I think Carolina can come out on the right side of a 1 score game for the first time in the last 3 matchups against the Hawks, that is if we dont turn over the ball any more than Seattle does. 17-13 Carolina Like I said though, to be completely honest this week is really really hard to try and predict. I can see both teams being able to win in every matchup.
  18. Being a Carolina fan, I am completely used to hearing nothing but negativity towards the Panthers, and some is understandable and some is just utterly annoying and sounds like a broken record no matter how well Carolina plays. The point is Carolina is moving on to the next round of the playoffs, so I couldn't care less who they beat or how unfair it is that they're here. Carolina has a good team, of which wasnt healthy for 90% of the season. Our secondary has been reconsructed utilizing a lot of players that have really stepped up recently (Tre Boston, Bene Benwikere, Josh Norman) . Our running game is finally relevent with Stewart. Cam is healthy, and defense is playing phenominal. Good luck to the Lions today.
  19. Hell yeah, I am terrified of Green Bay in Green Bay. Especially when it'll be like 0 degrees next weekend there. It should be much nicer weather in Seattle. Seattle is hot, and will be a tough game, but I believe many teams have the talent to beat Seattle in Seattle. I think Dallas, Green Bay, and Carolina could all beat Seattle. Green Bay is the better team over Seattle. Go Cowboys! (At least for tomorrow lol )
  20. Deadly Dog becoming a staff member? What is the world coming too? Congrats fellas.
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