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  1. So, I just started this game last night. I have collected everything so far in the game and there's a part in the church where you can't get past a demon in the hall and you have to use the priests body to go through the demon hole. But, the priest does not come do the other side. He just goes in circles on the other side and there is no way for me to get past this part without him moving past. Not sure what else to do. I've rebooted the game and it doesn't seem to work. Don't really wanna start the game over. Has anyone ran into this problem? If so, what did you do to get past it? Or, am I screwed and have to start the game over from scratch?
  2. I got the achievement now. All I did was leave my X1 on over night and it popped. I suggest trying that method to anyone who hasn't got it yet
  3. I never popped the achievement for getting the last car. The Maserati. Even replayed both events and nothing, went to the garage multiple times and nothing. Hopefully it pops soon or I will just have to play it all over again
  4. Yep, multiple times. Even tried redoing an event for the car and still nothing
  5. So I have finished the game but I noticed that when I unlocked the Maserati that the achievement did not pop but everything else unlocked just fine. Has anyone else had this problem? Should I replay the game again or just wait to see if it unlocks. Under the achievements it still shows it as being locked. I think that I will have to play it all over again..
  6. This game is probably, wait no, is the worst game Ive ever played. For the first boss if your wanting to get the achievement without getting hit. Just keep switching out each turtle. You will have about 2 seconds of invincibility and hit him about 2 times then switch out for another turtle. If you get hit just reload your save. It's easy but the game is an absolute joke. The last one was actually decent but this is just painful and for a kids game and can't see a 8 year old kid beating this game
  7. This game is a complete joke. Twice ive lost progress into my game. Nearly 4 hours down the drain. Last time I ever buy NFS. Garbage game and the game freezes all the time
  8. So, I have completed FIFA 14 for the 360 and as you all know if you start this on the X1 your stats carry over. However, everything transferred over ( level 15, FUT and etc) so I decided to play a drop in game with my pro. People have said that if you play one game and complete an objective you will get the "On Your Way" achievement which requires you to complete 15% of objectives. This however did not work for me and I've seen quite a few other people who had the same problem. Now I have to redo all of this over again ( which sucks ). Just curious who else has had this problem or have found a way to unlock this somehow before doing the 15% over.
  9. I bought this game the other day for the red stripe deal and the game installed but does not show up on my desktop. When I go to the Microsoft store and check my account the game doesn't show up. Anyone know why this is cause I want to play this.
  10. The achievement isn't broken. You have to have at least one other person in your league for the achievement to unlock. You must have someone in your league before you start simming. If you get someone to join you mid-season it wont unlock. The achievement will pop when you go back to the GM connected menu after you win the cup
  11. looking for someone to help me with fancy some fut
  12. Looking to do all online achievements
  13. I need 5 more wins to win the divison title in HUT. Also, looking to do the playoff achievement for HUT
  14. So, I've done this twice and it still wont unlock for me. First time I did it I had three people in the league (including myself) and the second time I had two people. Both times I have used the Blackhawks. I've set it up the same way in the achievement description and I'm having no luck. Anybody have any tips that may help? Don't fell like wasting another 3 hours doing this and nothing happens.
  15. Habs14

    HUT Sucks

    The one thing that annoys me with HUT is the amount of penalties you get. You can't even hit a guy clean without getting a penalty or in a fight. The game is so unbalanced, I played 5 games in a row without getting a powerplay. Was on a break away and this guy tripped me and no call and I hit the guy with the puck and I get a penalty. The mode is so frustrating I can win against people playing ranked versus but as soon as I start playing HUT it becomes a gong show. You lose to people that have shitty goalies and teams and they get the lucky bounces
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