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  1. GT: xVAMPMANx Game: Forza Horizon 3 Best of luck to all.
  2. Finally got it unlocked, It was indeed the battleground in the iconian dyson sphere. Follow the unknown consoles which need power to scan. Bottom left may need 2 scans.
  3. Its ok, nothing like the other Lego games. Think of Minecraft but only more grinding involved.
  4. Dont think so. There is still is some issues.
  5. I believe its glitched, I believe its something to do with the ground battle arenas in the Dyson's since there is interactions that give information but I've had no luck.
  6. specialization isnt glitched. You need to get to level 80. The Vista achievement is also not glitched just time consuming as its also a random spawner. Iconian and Solance are the only achievements that are glitched. It might be possible its glitched for certain people I wont rule that out and can only suggest using another character to get the vista achievement. specialization might be a bitch but play as a Romulian as they have the most missions and on experience weekends and you'll get from 1 to 50 very quickly.
  7. Considering the problems that occured after the last maintenance they did I wonder how much of this will brake. Hoping it doesnt but not being able to access worlds and stations pretty much left you with nothing. Atlease the PvE worked during that time.
  8. This game has some issues such as closing down, it seems if your using a minibike you will lose it after a crash. Best advise is don't put anything good into storage of the bike as you will lose it. Also while searching the area to see if it was at the last location before the game saved also doesn't seem to be any point. You'll be running home.
  9. Very ANNOYING!!! but got it. Started a new game, built a pool and drowned a sim. Death shows and played chess. My dead sim was dancing at the time and the volume on the cheap radio was on high. Lost the game and eventually it gave me the options to dance together, did that then scared him. Done and dusted.
  10. Mine went to buff's gym and came back with the treadmill.
  11. Anyone notice Gurubani looks alot like Molly in The Walking Dead season 1 telltale game? http://alternativemagazine.files.wordpress.com/2012/11/flashplayerplugin_11_4_402_287-2012-11-14-22-10-27-33.jpg?w=500&h=281 http://images.eurogamer.net/2013/articles/1/7/3/7/0/7/6/heres-whats-new-in-state-of-decay-year-one-survival-edition-142408895325.png/EG11/resize/600x-1/quality/80/format/jpg
  12. Randomly I put this on and can confirm this game is 100 percent completable now with the Warm Bath achievement previously glitched now fixed.
  13. Got every achievement apart from 100 days. I know its takes 33 hours but god dam, You would think it would unlock if you had the avatar award for 100 days but Still waiting.
  14. Funny thing is I couldnt get that info on Xbox.com, I just get this runtime error message. Thanks for posting that, Much appreciated.
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