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  1. Only two I didn't get was the killing 100 BSAA players and 100 monster players achievement and the kill the BSAA agent 100 times in Siege. I did everything else legit but I have since seen some good boosting methods for those two. If I do boost it on XboxOne, I may got back and grab the last two on 360 but I'm more looking forward to 5 personally.
  2. Graphically it is hard to notice a major difference aside from frame rate being improved - the game looked good originally and doesn't look terrible now but isn't exactly a new game standing up against some of the games today. As for achievements - I've been going through the game this weekend and they're the full set from the previous releases (including all the MP DLC ones). As another poster stated - it is 1080/60fps. They also have added NO MERCY MERCENARIES to this version. Neither of those statements are true - even subjectively you'd be ignoring a lot of really functionally terrible games released in 2012 and many worse games in the RE series. I can see you saying it's the worst of the numbered series (I, actually, dislike 0 more) but it's a much better game then SURVIVOR, Gaiden, or DEAD AIM. That wasn't a lie. It did go back to it's roots in certain chapters. The problem was that they tried to appease everyone and appeased no one in the process. Leon campaign starts like a classic title building up suspense and limiting supplies, Ada campaign has more puzzle elements then any other campaign, but all of them try to do different things in the different chapters which leads to a bit of a muddy experience (example: Chris campaign could have played more action focused but it had the same drop rate rules from Leon campaign so you were constantly out of ammo in some very non-survival horror scenarios). Personally, I appreciate them trying new things but they tried too much and did so just to try to appease all fan types. I'd rather each game being built in a very specific way or even each Campaign having it's own set of rules and not the mix and match that was the final product.
  3. I doubt they'd have released it without the accompanying achievements intentionally. Odds are they just don't add any for this mode. Again, 360 has limitations on achievements (which is why the base game is 50 instead of the 66 on XboxOne) and I'm sure they'd rather add some to the actual campaign DLC then to blow them on this extra mode.
  4. http://marketplace.xbox.com/en-US/Product/Endurance-Mode/400a0aac-6a61-420a-bb30-ace95cfc9ab9 It appears to be available as of the same day as the XboxOne version. If you're asking due to achievements - the XboxOnve version of the game had more achievements (worth the same total) as the 360 version at launch because the two systems have different rules and limitations. I assume this DLC isn't getting achievements on 360 - more likely the two campaign modes will instead but even that isn't a guarantee.
  5. You should specify that the bug isn't with the achievement - the criteria for the challenge is not appearing to work. I've personally stood until Lara was in danger of freezing to death (the icon will begin to flash), fired a fire arrow at the ground, and Lara dropped to her knees on it (which saved her from freezing) and didn't get the challenge to be "completed" so either it is very very precise on what you need to do and people haven't figured it out or the challenge is just not working. It is worth noting that it is December 31st - odds are the majority of staff won't be in the office until January 4th so if this isn't a case of us just not meeting the very precise requirement then the bug likely won't get addressed until after that point.
  6. Sorry for the delay - yes, I added the comment on TrueAchievements because that was the first place I looked. To be clear - when I first went through the mission I navigated to the third objective point skipping as many enemies as I could and "retake the spawn points" turned into defend and she never said the line when the defense sequence ended. I did remain in the base where the third body was the whole time and let them come to me. After searching TrueAchievements (which I could swear had a lower completion percentage yesterday but maybe I misread it) and this guide - I found a similar question pertaining to the unlock on the Steam boards - http://steamcommunity.com/app/261490/discussions/0/618457398968474074/ I noticed the user mentions Athena asking for an achievement after he killed a large number of enemies so I simply replayed the level and killed every single enemy all the way up to the third objective "retake the spawn points" and then I refrained from locating and the final body and just kept killing outside. I didn't notice the objective change to "defend" but a ton of enemies spawned in various spots and the music kicked in maybe two minutes into the killing and a few mins later she said the line, I got the achievement, and the game hard crashed my system (in Preview Program - second achievement in this game to do so) so I can't verify what happened after that objective wise but simply wanted to note this as based on my experience and the post on the Steam boards - you seem to need to trigger her line and I know it can be avoided accidentally so wanted to mention in case anyone else ends the game and realizes it didn't pop.
  7. One note - "Ding!" is NOT a story-based achievement and can be missed. On the stage "Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Planetfire" you will be given objectives as you advance. The third objective is to retake the spawn point. Once that objective appears, avoid entering large bases and just keep traveling along the outside areas of the map and kill the seemingly endless amount of enemies. Honestly it can take awhile but eventually Athena will comment on how she should get an achievement for her actions and then it will unlock. Entering a base and triggering the defend objective resulted in it never occurring for me on my first attempt and based on the amount of users that have unlocked it versus all the other achievements - it seems quite easy to miss.
  8. I had this happen but it fixed by closing and relaunching the game. I noticed right away because I had already made some progress and only had a New Game option.
  9. There is only one thing you can interact with in that room (pipe) which if you do correctly will add a new danger to the room. There is a substance you need to collect from your parents room that you can use to solidify the danger within the shrinking room. Hope that helps!
  10. These steps are wrong. D-Pad UP was an exploit that was fixed in the title update. You need to solve the puzzle of the shrinking room correctly and you can only do that after dealing with the three ghost children. The walkthrough was written before the exploit to enter the Attic was fixed.
  11. FYI, I had a character save that met all the criteria described but didn't unlock a single achievement after importing and loading the save file.
  12. Okay - so not under a minute. You need to escape with over a minute on the clock still? I only went through the one time so far - just wanted to verify since the phrasing of the previous post could be misinterpreted.
  13. Strange. I was at 24 seconds when I opened the shutter and escaped and I didn't get the medal.
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