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  1. I opened a new topic because the achievement trading thread is locked. I know it's pretty late, but since the servers are not down yet, I don't give up in trying to beat this last achievement. I need a person who knows what to do, using the common strategy in the map with vortex (there are plenty of videos on YouTube). I usually play from 9am to 12am GMT during the week. From 4pm to 7pm on Sunday. 3 hours sessions should be enough to reach the last wave, and eventually retry it some more times. GT: EvilSid84
  2. If you need "I'm all that" (ranked match wins) we gonna boost it this Sunday. A minimum of 4 players is required. Submit your application here: http://www.xboxachievements.com/game/tomb-raider-9/showSession-6614
  3. Review my CAW please! GT: EvilSid84 Superstar name: TORIG THanks!
  4. Please review my CAW... search for Torig XIW! - EvilSid84
  5. I can definitely confirm that putting your CAW into the MITB match DOES NOT longer work. I had to sim various years until the CAW was putted into the MITB, then i played it to make him win. And then I was able to cash it.
  6. If xp boost is still on I'm up to boost from 7am to 11am GMT ~ GT: EvilSid84
  7. I need War Party, feel free to add me. (I also still need rank30) GT: EvilSid84
  8. KOTH Boosting Session by night/morning I need 5 people, 3 of them MUST have double joypad and play in split-screen. Schedule: EST 2:00am~6:00am Monday September 19 GMT 7:00am~11:00am Monday September 19 The x25 bonus will end at EST 9:00am/GMT 2:00pm LIST: * EvilSid84 * EvilSid84 (1) * * * * * * * * Join asap!
  9. I've seen you won a belt! Congrats! Would you be so kind to give me a match for it? My GT is EvilSid84
  10. I need all the online achievements for this game, and I can't found anyone online. Please add me! GT: EvilSid84
  11. War party: Dj ayresey matdan1212 matdan1212(2) NIKOLITUS MATHEW87(1) MATHEW87(2) MATHEW87(3) spartan6425 spartan6425 (1) Wrecklaimer BulletproofRyu boodadude (EvilSid84) I added my name in brackets 'cause I can only play 8-11am (GMT) and I can't play on Saturday and Sunday
  12. I need all multiplayer achievements. I cannot even find a single quick match to join. Please add EvilSid84 thanks.
  13. Need Compulsive Liar only, add me asap gt: EvilSid84
  14. I'm looking for a sparring partner for Comeback Kid (Win a Online ranked match after being knocked down twice) I will gladly return the favor
  15. I need Compulsive Liar and Kingpin. Add me to your friendlist
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