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    Contrary to popular belief, I invented the tree.
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  1. I can totally understand this. For whatever reason I still remember Lost Odyssey (especially the strange maze-like dungeons near the end) and Infinite Undiscovery as if I played them yesterday. I'd have no problem picking them both up again; especially IU as the hard mode was, well, actually hard. Also have fond memories of the original Gears, hours upon hours of chatting shit in the lobby with the usual team waiting to finally hit 10,000 kills. And of course the original Fallout games. Which don't need explanation.
  2. Gentlemen, We have had three solid years of fine-tuning our beloved language. Please respond with your most impressive amalgamation of letters and/or emoticons to confirm your continued allegiance to this noble cause. Also what the fuck did GRoUP stand for? Cheers, HP
  3. Jeez, Louise!! Long time no speak, fella! How the devil are you? I'm great tar, just going with the flow, as per usual! You know me, I've been here there and everywhere :p What you been up to, chief?

  4. Webby, where ya been mate be good to catch up. Give me a shout

  5. Cheers dude. But 2 was answered at E3... DLC = exclusive and "substantial" ;)


    Will get on BC tomoz fella. Out in a few hours for a few bevs, but will stir tomorrow afternoon and play some :)


    Oh and see the Dyach thread in the staff board? Check it out!!!!

  6. Why aren't you in my friends list?! :p

  7. Can't we go a bit further North, bloody weather is diabolical mate. Proper - just wait til you've spent a few months in it...


    Let me know where to pick it up and I'll sort it out this week. When (ideally) do you need it by?

  8. Bloody hell, shocked at someone not knowing that song!!


    Anyway, first point is I fly out on 5th July lol. Between us, we can take the South!!!


    Second, may have "something" that needs editing being recorded tonight or tomorrow night, any chance you'll be available?

  9. Nah I live in FL mate...


    What young Minty is referring to is actually a lyric from a famous song, a song so famous it's quite disturbing you do not know it Mr. Marx...

  10. Highpass lives in New York?



  11. I am hither - when do the grammatical sacrifices start? I brought a goat. I shan't be able to visit frequently as I have to grade Blackjaw's essay. Needless to say he misspelt marvellous in his opening paragraph.
  12. Are you aliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive??


    Maybe becoming a fellow alien not living in new york :s

  13. This thread is crap. If you have to ask why, I'd suggest saving yourself the embarrassment.
  14. steelefan15: Advertising for Macdonalds isn't allowed here. Get rid of that cow from your sig please, cheers.
  15. Can't remember where exactly but i'm sure Errands Completed is listed in the stats.
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