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  1. Anyone doing trials tonight? Or even raiding?
  2. Can someone invite me please GT: BrownyBaby7
  3. Looking for co op partner for the mission achievements as I'm pretty much done with MP now. Send me a message on live GT: BrownyBaby7
  4. Looking to run through the whole campaign on co-op heroic and pick up the misc heroic achievements as we go as well as the score ones. Send me a message on live I'm on the whole time this game is free GT: BrownyBaby7
  5. Yep exact same thing for me
  6. Nice guide but just to let you know most of the locations look correct but the issue you get at each location is random, at least for the awesome tales anyway. For example I got the +5 damage with the alien blaster in hubris comics
  7. Thanks guys. I'd personally never seen anything about it so just wanted to see if it had happened with anyone else. Good to know it should sort itself out though
  8. Hi guys I started playing fallout 4 yesterday and have noticed a strange problem I've never seen or heard about before. I played for a couple of hours and unlocked 3 10G achievements and 1 5G achievement. However, when I go on achievements on the console or smart glass it says I have 3 achievements worth 25G (2% complete) it does however show that i have unlocked 4 achievements when I look at the individual achievement tiles. Has anyone seen anything like this before? It's not the usual waiting for them to pop problem either. As I say it shows 4 tiles that I've unlocked and all 4 did pop on screen when I unlocked them but stats wise I've only unlocked 3. Not the biggest problem but it hasn't fixed itself 24 hours on now
  9. Looking to boost the annex achievements only have 1 controller. Also looking for a partner for co op insane. Send me a message GT: BrownyBaby7
  10. Looking for EU players with mic and looking to play competitive game types. Kind of hard to play with randoms against full teams so looking for regular good gears players who play regularly to play with. Send me a message or FR on live GT: BrownyBaby7
  11. So as far as I can tell this game breaks MS' terms & conditions for achievements. First off the achievement for playing a match with custom weapon skins will be unobtainable for anyone who didn't preorder or play in the beta or have previous gears achievements tied to their gamer tag. There is no progress unlockable weapon skins so therefore the only way for a totally new player to obtain this achievement is to buy skins off the marketplace at a ridiculous £3.99 per pack! Second of all there is 2 achievements tied to the annex game mode which is only playable in private matches, meaning unless you want to spend twice as long boosting with someone online you need to have a second controller which I'm sure a lot of people like myself don't have. Add in the fact that this is a first party title and it doesn't even use the achievement tracker I can't help but feel this is an even bigger fuck up than judgement...
  12. I don't have a second pad so is annex available in matchmaking? I read somewhere it's only available in private matches!? If it is in matchmaking is it in social or competitive?
  13. Finally got round to downloading the dlc. I've got the original 1000G but looking to boost the dlcs and title update with people. Send me a message on live if you want to get any of these done GT: BrownyBaby7
  14. Still looking to get co op golds with someone.... If anyone else is after them please send me a message on live, really want to get this game done now GT: BrownyBaby7
  15. Looking to do a clan raid and hard raid and triple play. Level 31 Hunter. Could really do with a hand getting these done if anyone can help? Send me a message on live GT: BrownyBaby7
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