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  1. That doesn't do him any good getting his missing achievements. The only way to get those is for him to log onto a console with Root Beer Tapper's license tied to it so he can log on with his account and access the game. With it delisted, he can't purchase it himself. And unlike a few games like Joust, I don't believe that Root Beer Tapper was ever available via redemption code (Which if never exchanged, are still valid for delisted games like Joust today).
  2. According to the KLOV entry for the game, you use the shoot and siren buttons. I'd love to know how people are getting this by holding the right trigger down (The accelerator) while just tapping one of the two buttons.
  3. Only achievements that have given me trouble are Smash TV (Just rusty and need some practice.. have gotten close after just three trys after several years away though), 720* (I think I need to give up on the downhill ramp and try something else... I've done it about 20 times with no issues yet it always changes to silver just as I cross the line), and Pit Fighter (Not a fighting game fan so this one has given me some trouble due to my inexperience). If you're a classic gamer and are familiar with these games and other arcade games of the era, the vast majority of these achievements are extremely easy. Most I earned on my first try and those I didn't never needed more than a handful of attempts. Edit - Shortly after posting this I earned the achievements for 720* and Pit Fighter. The trick with 720* with the downhill ramp event seems to be more than just not falling off your board like I've seen some state. You want to be on the inside edge at the end of each ramp even if it requires you to stop going straight down a ramp in order to get yourself lined up at the inside edge at the end of a ramp. Once I tried that, I earned it the first try after dozens of attempts where I'd never fall but would cross just as it went to silver Pit Fighter seems easier at the third fight when you use the attack where you hit all three buttons. Throw stuff when it's safe to damage her and keep her at bay while keeping an eye out for the Power Pellet. Locate that and just keep hitting all three buttons and she'll die without giving you any trouble. Smash TV is going to take more practice by me. Yeah for 720 it seems like the controls need a few seconds to calibrate or something, so I just keep pressing up and down until the skater actually follows in that direction. What I do is just hit the kick button at the start to move to select the training level without touching the stick. Then when the level starts, I spin the stick 360 degrees a couple of times. That seems to correct the stick so the direction I push towards is actually the direction I'm moving towards.
  4. Your interrogation instructions didn't work for me. After giving up on them since I had forgotten how I did this on Midway Arcade Treasures 2 (I barely got anywhere hitting the button you said to while keeping the accelerator down), I got it on my first try when I left the accelerator alone and tried quickly hitting the green and and red A & B buttons (The siren and shoot buttons).
  5. Asked Robotmen for help just now. But if that doesn't pan out, I'd love to find a partner that will help me out with the online achievements. And even once I get them, if anyone else gets around to finishing this up and pops in, feel free to ask me. Probably not going to be many taker's since it has been delisted for so long, but there's still some activity here so you never know. Scored 77k just now on this in Midway Arcade Origins so I don't forsee earning 80,000 in coop on the XBLA release as being much of a problem.
  6. I've owned this since it first came out but just got around to it tonight. I've unlocked most of the achievements with original graphics. Only one so far that didn't was the 100 meter dash achievement. Still short of a couple of achievements but I'm switching back to original graphics. I'll revise this if I'm unable to earn the remainder without the enhanced graphics.
  7. This is a great game so I'm not sure why your concern seems to have been all about rather or not the achievement itself unlocked. The concern if you ask me should've been if there was something up with the emulation that happened to fubar at the point where the achievement criteria is met every playthrough. Would've been ashame to see this fine game yet again be screwed up on a compilation like the "super speed" version that was on Midway Arcade Treasures 2. Luckily once the achievement is earned, the game is fine on subsequent playthroughs and a decent representation of the arcade original (Still runs a bit fast compared to MAME, but it's a minor difference compared to how off it has been in the past).
  8. Seems to be connected to the achievement popping and it happened to me as well. But subsequently play throughs have been fine and I've since more than doubled my high score earned when I unlocked the achievement. No hint of the issue happening.
  9. It doesn't include the DLC for the first XBLA Worms? That one saw several landscapes and sound packs.
  10. It's still up on Games on Demand. There's still a lot of fun to be had in single player so it's not a pointless purchase even now.
  11. Edit - I've since noticed that the time spent listed in the Xbox Live Rewards tab isn't anywhere close to being accurate. So my post about the true length of this game compared to what was posted year's ago in the guide doesn't have any merit.
  12. 10-30 minutes is nonsense. It takes about two minutes to eat 200 fish. Just find one of the many schools of fish right in the starting area and go back and forth dashing. They respawn everytime you go off screen.
  13. Hopefully it's a sign that they're not done just yet. Only has been 6 months or so I think since the last update so hopefully they're planning on one last patch and hopefully addin some significant DLC to get it to 1250. If not, I suspect it's at that odd value since they planned for future DLC but decided it wasn't financially worthwhile to bother with. Beats what Sega did with Condemned. Due to sloppyness, it only has 960 points or so to earn.
  14. Got them, thanks to those of you that helped.
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