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  1. Nice, try to find doll in Store level
  2. I only miss this Doll. Damn this one is hard and there are so many crates you cant even search.
  3. Ok when i jump trough there is nothing on the top. (Im on the section right before room with full of LCD tv's)
  4. Can someone spoil me where it is. I run trough mission twice and i still didn't find. Thanks.
  5. Ready to do Ensamble cast co-op achievement. So send me invite if u want to play.
  6. Ready to do CO-OP Ensemble Cast Achievement. If you ready send me msg. IIts good if you have mic. and dont shoot george. Thanks.
  7. YEP. it worked but takes long time.... When i first tryed this achievo i got DEATH MACHINE on the 3 round so basically i spend 30 sec of D. M. using on him so he allready started flashing bu after that i got stuvk in of group of zombies. Second round i just use M14 and i worked but it tooked some time.
  8. wow after destroying generators we had to get vodka and now we are stucck...
  9. But Kinect Sports was from MIcrosoft. And FACT treyarch didnt even say anything about price. People preditced that it will cost 1200 like previous map pack.
  10. Its possible that this dlc could be FREE, so that maybe be the problem why achievments are not included cos microsoft doesnt allow to have free content achievements.... Just my toughts.
  11. but whyy would be Treyarch so evil and would't give us achievements...
  12. Im ready to boost Vietnam gold weapons....msg me im online for next 10 hours. THnaks my GT in on my left.
  13. Thats strange....well iin the first strike achievements got updated few days before now its 1 day before launch and still no clue for achievos...
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