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  1. Does anyone know if the pad/portal for the xbox 360 will also work for xbox one ?
  2. Does anyone know if the pad/portal for the xbox 360 will also work for xbox one ?
  3. Im looking forward to start and complete this game...So i need someone to do it with fro start to finish.If interested please let me know. Gamertag-ShadyChicano
  4. Im looking forward to start and complete this game...So i need someone to do it with fro start to finish.If interested please let me know. Gamertag-ShadyChicano
  5. Is all damage better than bullet damage...all i do is shoot
  6. Credit goes to StarGate55555 [ben & Eddie] & Pabs_85 [Kim] on PS3trophies.org. I'm just trying to find the missing ones. Chapter 1 = Plantation(4/4 Items) -ITEM: right after you go down the rope it's on the right next to the van -ITEM: right after the first one and you open the fenced door it's on the corner where the rope ends, on the left -ITEM: after 2nd one you go up into a mansion, it's the house on the right the door is open. -ITEM : after the above you have to plant 2 bombs, from the bomb on the right take the path on the left, it's on the corner on top of a crate Chapter 2 = Gang Bang(6/6 Items)(1/1 Agenda) -ITEM: 1st house; after fist fight its on the bench next to the stairs leading to the 2nd floor -ITEM: 1st house; from above item instead of going up the stairs go left and into the first room on the left, its inside that room -AGENDA: after you fist fight 3 enemies instead of going up the step to the second floor got straight into the next room and pick up the wallet. -ITEM: After you leave the first house you will be going down back alleys;You will come to a white SUV blocking the path where you have to go left item is on a bookcase/shelf -ITEM: 2nd house; as you enter go straight all the way on the far right corner, on a recliner -ITEM: 2nd house; as you enter its in the room on the far left side -ITEM: after cover-to-cover run go down the alley and make a right, at the corner instead of making another right go straight in the open door Chapter 3 = Candy Store(6/6 Items)(1/1 Agenda) -ITEM: after following Dolores into the club and going down the stairs she will eventually stop in front of a pole dancer, from here look on the far right corner -ITEM: where you stopped with Dolores there is a bar, its on the far left on the bar -AGENDA: after you enter the club and follow Dolores make sure you speak to her afterwards. She will be located in a room to the right of the bar -ITEM: after going up the stairs and passing the first set of bouncers, its in the first room on the right -ITEM: after beating the bouncer and going up another set of stairs, its on the first room on the right -ITEM: at the first garage section, the garage with the triangle racing flags hanging in the door (second to last garage) -ITEM: in the second garage section, second garage from the left Chapter 4 = Docks(6/6 Items) -ITEM: after your 2nd vehicle ride you will get out at a police blockade on the docks, when performing the cover-to-cover action its at the last cover on the yellow forklift -ITEM: its before the 1st ship explosion, on a yellow movable transformer -ITEM: its on the crane where the sniper was shooting from. -ITEM: after the sniper you will enter the 2nd warehouse, after clearing the first big room with enemies and go up the stairs to the next room you will see a yellow forklift on the left, its on it -ITEM: 2nd ship explosion, pass the chain fence & turn left -ITEM: after the Team Entry, door on the left in the hallway Chapter 5 = Gas Station(2/2 Items) -ITEM: gas station fight, at the end next to a big truck -ITEM: right after the pursuit its on a big rock, where you fight a wave of enemies that come from 2 SUV's. Chapter 6 = Convoy(2/2 Items) -ITEM: after you get out of the car and get into the alley it will be on the right next to some yellow/gray barrels. -ITEM: go to the end of the alley its on the left corner, at this point you should trigger some enemies coming from behind you. Chapter 7 = Jess Hideout L.A.(6/6 Items)(1/1 Agenda) -AGENDA: As soon as you get a phone call from Suzie and enter the club go left and you will see a woman in the dark. Speak to her to complete agenda -ITEM: after you enter the club, its on the right where the outdoor bar/dance floor is. -ITEM: after you leave the club & fight on rooftops, its on the left of the 2nd wave next to some vents -ITEM: 2nd rooftop fights, its right before you pass through the 3 pipe bridge connecting the 2 buildings -ITEM: After you go up the pipes go all the way to the back -ITEM: shortly before the cover-to-cover sequence, its on the right, its on a trash can -ITEM: right after you open the big red doors from inside the warehouse make a right, its on green trash can on the left Chapter 8 = Disco(6/6 Items)(1/1 Agenda) -ITEM: when you get through the back door of the club at the booth all the way down on the left -AGEDA: talk to the hooker at the bar at the very back of the dance floor -ITEM: on the second floor on the table just left of the bead door (watch the stripper for 30 seconds for another cheevo) -ITEM: on the first table to the right when the gunfight starts -ITEM: after you kick the door, on a table in the middle of the room -ITEM: on the bar to the right in the next room -ITEM: on the far end of the bar past the dance floor Chapter 9 = Ghost Town(4/4 Items)(1/1 Agenda) -ITEM: after the cutscenes and the shooting exercise, you will go up the street, it will be on the left next ti the white hummer -ITEM: after your first enemies, follow the checkpoints it will be next to a horse carriage -ITEM: after you pass the wooden scaffold, its in the barn with the dead person, to get it successfully open the doors and go back to it. -AGENDA: its on the left, after opening the barn doors from above item. -ITEM: after reaching the main street that goes to the saloon and passing the small wooden bridge it will be on the right Chapter 10 = Lincoln Motel(6/6 Items) -ITEM: after the shooting and explosion in the beginning and a exit opens up with a timer (40 sec to escape) its in the first room that you will enter while trying to escape, on the far right corner next to the TV -ITEM: After being chased out the motel by the wrecking ball the first wave of enemies will shoot at you; there will be a part of the moel with two floors with enemies on the balcony; The first floor underneath that balcony has one door that can be opened enter it and got to the back and open bathroom to get item -ITEM: when you encounter the 2nd wave of enemies (motel rooms across from each but have only 1 floor; 2nd part), its in the first room on the left with the door open -ITEM: shortly after you get out of the 1st unfinished house (house with wooden columns only) there will be a yellow forklift on the left, its on it -ITEM: same room where the Team Entry starts, look on the window on the right -ITEM: after Team Entry and clearing all the enemies, its in the next house, after you enter make a right and pass through the door and so straight instead of left, its on the corner on the unfinished wall Chapter 11 = Caravan Helicopter Fight(2/2 Items) -ITEM: outside the back of the trailer you hide in next to the entrance -ITEM: outside the back of the trailer you hide in next to the other entrance Chapter 12 = Fort(6/6 Items)(1/1 Agenda) -ITEM: after you shoot the chain of the door in the barn and start the big gunfight in the open area, its in the back of a black van in the middle of the open area -ITEM: inside the big house where the gunfight occurs, its in the the back in the room on the right on a shelf between 2 windows -ITEM: in the center path of the first tunnels -ITEM: after you exit the tunnels, its on the left (on a barrel) as soon as you open the door when you enter the cellar for the 1st time -ITEM: after the Team Entry from the cellar into the courtyard, go straight (do not go up the stairs) its behind the column that is in a straight line from the Team Entry point -AGENDA: its in the same courtyard after the Team Entry, its on some wooden boxes to the left of the stairs, complete once you clear out the courtyard, the agenda will appear as a red dot on map -ITEM: after you go upstairs, in the room to the left on a window Chapter 13 = Cemetery(4/4 Items) -ITEM: after you enter the cemetery and kill about 3 waves of enemies you will go down your first set of stairs then up some stairs, it will be on the left after that -ITEM: after you go up another set of stairs it will be straight in front of you before making left on the path -ITEM: shortly after above item and going through the open archway door it will be on the left on a wooden bench -ITEM: after the cover-to-cover sequence its where the enemies were shooting at you from during that sequence Chapter 14 = Marketplace(4/4 Items)(1/1 AGenda) ITEM: after the car pursuit ends and you get out of the car it will be on the left on a bench ITEM: after above item you will encounter a downhill street with enemies there will be an open door on the left midway down that street, go through it to another open street, its on the left corner ITEM: when you reach the Team Entry point dont go in just yet, from outside go up the steps on the right, its above the Team Entry point AGENDA: in the marketplace, its next to the 2nd wave of enemies, on the far left corner, go through the door ITEM: Keep going all the way to the north (back end) of the market on a park bench and a white truck Chapter 15 = Final chapter ITEM: after killing the 3 enemies during your 2nd Team Entry its next to the fountain near the enemies. AGENDA: after clearing your first inner courtyard pass through the door, make a right instead of left and you will go into a room with a safe in the wall, open it ITEM: shortly after the agenda, its in the room with your next enemies ITEM: before the 3rd Team Entry (into the courtyard with helicopter) there is a door on your right ITEM: After your 3rd team entry go left up the stairs and into the bedroom; Its on a stand ITEM: While getting bombarded when you see the two trees split together it is behind them, after the two Gazebo's ITEM: after you escape (by running from gazebo to gazebo) the unmanned areal vehicle that shoots at you and reach the checkpoint, you will be in a long hallway with enemies, its on the right at the end of the hallway
  7. I wanna finish this game so bad and im serious about it so let me know asap
  8. I had the first gen black wireless mic...problem occurred with that one...i bought the mw edition Bluetooth one on black friday and problem still occurs
  9. Everytime im in a party people say the can hear a beeping noise as if a smoke detector needs a new battery...I personally cant hear it...Any idea of what it could be
  10. will be on tomorrow Feb. 6 2012 at 10 am eastern time...i have this game completed helping a fellow friend but i will be on the losing side and 3 will be on winning http://www.trueachievements.com/GamingSession.aspx?gamingsessionid=168028
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