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  1. I would love if they carried over the achievements from your Xbox 360 account to the new next-gen account you create. That would be the best way to go I reckon. It would also be great if you could still unlock achievements for the 360 games on the next-gen console.
  2. Hey mate! First off, welcome to the forums! Second, you're best of asking here: http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=1586
  3. It's an addiction. It's an obsession. But it's all good!
  4. Ah I'm sorry. Don't know how I missed that!
  5. Love your name! OT: Welcome! I hope to be a perfectionist too someday!
  6. The Special Edition of Mortal Kombat next year comes with Avatar clothing And I definitley would like to see Star Trek items in the Avatar marketplace as suggested by Wrath of Khan!
  7. I do apoligise if this is in the wrong section. But I'm just wondering what's the best screen format to get the most from a game - 1080p or 1280x720? OR is there any difference really? I know this is a stupid question, but any help I'll take!
  8. For me, it'd be Fable II. I suppose when you go deep in thought about it, it really isn't that rare or hard to get, but very time consuming and a pain when having to trade online with others.
  9. Might get frowned about for this - but to start off with, Medal of Honor was pretty good. Now it's just horrid!
  10. I know there was talk of one coming to Xbox exclusively, damned if I can remember what it was though. Anyways - I know the project got cancelled in the end.
  11. A Sci-Fi game vs a game set in vietnam? You might as well compare Star Wars with Sex and The City: The Movie!
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