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  1. How come Easy is exactly the same as Hardest? Try it for yourself - there is NO difference. The first three fights are a cakewalk, and each one after that is increasingly impossible. How can you call yourself a developer when you can't even program a simple difficulty control? How can you legally charge for a product that is not fit for purpose and not functional? How can you have such a vaccuum for a mind that you don't notice this before releasing the product?
  2. Well I forgot to mention - I want an open world. Like GTA/Red Dead/Oblivion/Fallout 3, that kind of thing.
  3. I want a better mixture of RPG and FPS than Borderlands. Imagine the world, the characters and the depth of a great RPG, but viewed form a first person, with guns, and ADS mechanics. Fallout 3 doesn't count imo, as it wasn't a proper FPS.
  4. Wow you sound like a real catch. There's no chance whatsoever that you'll end up alone and miserable.
  5. I'm slightly nervous to say Turning Point. I expected it to be the embodiment of evil itself from the reviews, but found it to be merely not that good.
  6. I'm playing on casual and am quite near the end. Now call me spoilt but I expect to literally breeze through a game on the lowest difficulty, but the High Dragon fight took ages, and a good few health potions. And when I got attacked by the entire Dalish camp, all my teammates died, and I just had to keep running off to segregate groups of them, deal with them, get my stamina back and it just took forever. What gives? And on a separate note, the random battles are as bad here as they were in 1990s Jap RPGs.
  7. Bioware are done with DA2: http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2012-03-19-bioware-moves-dragon-age-team-fully-onto-the-next-thing
  8. Well there are ones that require a lot of skill, perseverence or both, and possibly a fair bit of time (Aperture Scientist on Orange Box for instance), then there are those that only require a stupid amount of time, such that people in full time employment (as opposed to students or NEETS) are at a great disadvantage. Those ones aren't so great.
  9. I remember when 1000G was the cap, and games like Kameo had to add 0G achievements in the DLC! Then it was 1250 for a while, then Halo 3 smashed that and no one knew what the rules were exactly until about a year later Microsoft revealed the cap was 1750. And now it's broken again. I am not suprised, but it does devalue the system. Of course they're going to keep doing it if they need to sell more DLC. I'm just glad I gave up achievements entirely, and for some reason I find I'm buying a lot less DLC nowadays...
  10. Anyone feel like doing us all a favour and listing the clusters that have absolutely nothing in them, so we don't all waste time driving around scanning for no reason?
  11. Not useless at all - I always see at least 3 red dots when I call it - plus the 100 XP is worth it. Anyway if you see 3 red dots, there's a good chance their ghost buddies won't be too far away. But the radar was never supposed to be a replacement for your eyeballs - you still need to keep watch for people and keep that trigger finger ready!
  12. At first I was really impressed with all the camos in the game, but now I find a number of guns I actually prefer the look of without any camo: Commando/M16 AK47 (I love the wooden stock and grip) M60 (no camo looks quite right on that gun) However the G11 is puke green without camo so I prefer it with. Also I prefer camo on the M14 as otherwise it looks like it's straight out of the early 1900s for some reason lol.
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