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  1. Unfortunately, Private Matches disable achievements.
  2. According to the wiki, it's 50k xp - this should be at level 23. However, it's possible they raised the limit to 99k (99,999) as per a page or two I saw on Steam forums.
  3. "Stick It To The Man" was my last 1000. I've been playing "Destiny" too much to finish other games
  4. I'm finishing up FO:NV myself before FO4 releases
  5. The Walking Dead: Season 1, again. Played through as mean Lee this time instead of nice Lee.
  6. WK5BT-T66KR-65636-56JT3-W55CK (Expires Oct. 19th, 2014) W5KB3-C666F-5K6JR-WRT3J-HBHS5 (Expires Oct. 19th, 2014)
  7. So I tried these and did not notice any difference in game play. Any idea what they're supposed to do?
  8. Unfortunately, I tried this and couldn't get it to work. I successfully injected the title update on to a flash drive and moved it to my 360's HDD, but the game still tries to download a patch when starting
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