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  1. I'm looking for a co-op partner to finish all the cases with. I am not looking to do other achievements at the same time. We'll head out, do the current case, and head back to the safe room to wait.
  2. I don't think you understand what a troll or fanboy is because no one in this thread is one of those and no one understands what you want. You started a thread stating the game looks great, but the story is uninspiring, the main character is silly and you don't like having a time constraint. So....? Dead Rising is a free roam zombie game where you're given time limits on your objectives. It makes sense within the universe to have time limits, as the military doesn't arrive at outbreaks until three days after. If you're going to dock the game because of it's story or characters, you need to realize this a game by Capcom. They're not famous for fantastic story but they make good games. If that's not interesting to you then it's not interesting. You might be interested in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record, which has a mode where there's no clock.
  3. I'm looking to do TIR. I need the achievement for winning all events and I would also like to get the clothing rewards for reaching 1 and 5 mil in earnings. Best way to contact me is to send a message to my gamertag: ApocalypseToast I've sent some messages to others on this thread also.
  4. I'm still looking to do this. You can add me to the list.
  5. If a spot opens up, I would LOVE to do this. I'll monitor this thread.
  6. I need all online achievements. Please add me and we can set something up. GT: ApocalypseToast
  7. Send me a message if you want to do Co-op on Legendary. My gamertag is ApocalypseToast.
  8. I've gotten three kills with the thumper on my noobtube setup easily
  9. I want shipment from Modern Warfare 1, but this is the shipment that you can see while doing the bridge spec ops. I wanna look at the bridge and see helicopters flying by and russian troopers sliding down cables into the bridge.
  10. how bout commanding that army spartans we were promised was looking so foward to it
  11. Maybe because I can delete ones I hit yes too. In fact, because I can delete every email in the game except that one.
  12. So I went to do his hijacking mission but hit negative reply on accident. The email reset and I hit yes, finished the mission blah blah. But now, the email I hit negative to does not have a delete option and its annoying me just sitting there in my mail box. How to fix?
  13. Looking for help to get co op achievements. Will be on my xbox all day today so send me a message
  14. I deleted and re-downloaded the DLC. The option to disable the chambers still isn't there. Any help?
  15. Is anyone feeling generous and has an extra sniper code? PM me. Will trade an M60 code if you dont want to put the effort in to sign up and you wanna help someone out at the same time
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