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  1. Don't be, its okay. Ha ha thanks for the kind advice have been trying that for a week with a void shotgun and sniper and frustration just got better of me... You must be doing not bad at PVP. Again I would like to stress I sucked at PVP.. The max I got was 50 points and loss in all in the next 2 games no kills just being kills by supers dominated game... my best hope is a atheon epilogue but my titan is no where near raid build.. Anyone here kind enough to invite me to try getting the gun killing Atheon to try to complete the bounty? Thanks.
  2. Obtaining the Thorn Guide: I am actually at here, the so far the worse exotic bounty part (coz I suck at PVP) Use Void Damage to defeat Guardians in the Crucible. Death will slow your progress. 500 points needed. Each kill gives 5 points. Your deaths subtract 2 points. Any Void Damage kills count, including damage from abilities such as Nova Bomb. This gives you the Corrupted Hand Cannon. Sorry don't mean to be rude. I think you mixed that part up with the hive kills? Harvest the energies of Hive on the Moon to activate the weapon. Kill 500 Hive, but it counts up much faster (stronger mobs count for more than 1 kill?) Edit: According to /u/Skreevy normal kills net 1, and kills on majors/ultras net 20. Sorry maybe I didn't state it correctly as its should be 500 points void guardian kills.
  3. On XBxOne: 1. looking for help to do the 500 void points kills for thorn exotic bounty = 100 kills if one kill net 5 points (mainly to be killed and in return will help) (Top priority) 2. weekly heroic strike to earn strange coins 3. up for nightfall runs and raids (both which I do not yet try) xboxGT: Skulls4Tots Destiny buildup: light lvl 27 Titan defender subclass (mainly but both subclass fully completed so can switch if needed) Availability time: 8pm (GMT+8); 8am (EST) onward to about 11:30pm (GMT+8); 11:30am (EST) Add me on live and let me know if you willing to help on the thorn bounty kills and or invite me for any others. Thanks
  4. Most welcome try to help as its one of the out of the way item in the game and may help others who are already in a particular district or stage and would like to find one to clear for achievement...
  5. Hi there, may I check for your issue is it that items are missing from screen including zombies and the textures on the floor and building are like blurred or washed out?? I started having similar issue with the run on Last agent DLC and that affects both main game and the Super Arcade Remix DLC. If that's the case, please try this as this works for me (And I hope you already 100% clear (including achievements) the 4 DLCs episodes); 1. Uninstall all game; season pass and DLC; 2. Reinstall game (most time consuming part) and only season pass; 3. Load game and check game and I believe its more of an issue in Sunset Hills area so try to travel back there to test issue by running around the area abit; 4. If this is fine, exit game, download Super Arcade Remix DLC; 5. Should not have the disappearing items and textures issue. (Remember do not yet install back the 4 DLC episodes until you are done with this DLC else you will have a hard time again redo the steps as above ) Thanks hope it helps.
  6. Am one of the lucky ones that got all the multiplayer achievements with randoms, hence would not mind helping others who needs it. Drop me a message on Live GT: skulls4tots Timezone: (GMT+8) If I online at time of need will just jump in to help
  7. There is a Golden Yashichi in each district of the game to conquer so enough for each player playing a 4 players coop game from start to completion of DLC game. Note: Ingletion and Central City ones are found via guides from internet sources.. District: Ingletion When to find: Round 5 (to final fight with super zombie) Location guide: while going to final destination, stop at wrench o rama car workshop, go up the stairs to the office on the second floor to get it. District: Central City When to find: Round 4 (return the vehicles) Location guide: In the hotel where one of vehicle pickup on the second floor, once enter the hotel door turn left and head into the room with all the scaffolding. Go from the left to go up to the top scaffolding to get it. District: Sunset Hills When to find: Round 2 (save the survivors) Location guide: When saving one of the survivor on the hanging metal support, instead turn around, jump, climb up and enter the (main game) safe house and its at the back, clear the room of zombies and get it. District: South Almuda When to get: Either round 4 (Destroy the Bombs) Location guide: There is one bomb located within the power generators area, either after or before destroying the bomb, its on the higher metal walkway facing the big warehouse (again where one of the first set of bomb is located in the middle of the warehouse) climb up via one of the enclose circuit box beside a building to reach the metal platform to get it. Note: if you have explore the power generator area in main game, its the area where you can find the RPG, chairs and a lot of rations on this metal platform.
  8. If anyone else still having issue with the achievement, here's my help guide which worked for me: 1. start game on ingleton 2. perform at least once or more on selected character 3. complete round 1 4. die in round 2 or time out while performing more super moves 5. repeat step 1-4 with another selected character Achievement should pop on the 20th character used.
  9. Yup as wild dog replied sadly all is done in game thou the designs actually upload to EA servers but there is no sharing.. there are others that are much better just hop on to AOT:TDC facebook page.. And Thanks..
  10. ha ha thanks for the kind comment I believe there are other players who can do much better ones.. Another that sprung from resident evil 5 tri-cell logo idea. Enjoy viewing.. http://i47.tinypic.com/nd3h4n.jpg
  11. Just to join in the fun, here's a few I made that wasn't taken down, the first one i made infringed and was removed. http://i48.tinypic.com/5eelpu.jpg http://i45.tinypic.com/14uw0oj.jpg http://i49.tinypic.com/34zkj7r.jpg http://i49.tinypic.com/2n83mv.jpg
  12. I'm looking for a partner to get all co-op achievements and any other achievements along the way and optional mission collectibles with. GT: darkchyle Just send me a friend request and a message saying that you're looking to play DS3 and we'll get a time set up. Will be available mid of the day onwards on Monday and 7pm to 11pm from tuesday - friday, available both next Saturday and Sunday (whole day). Thanks in advance. (Note: I'm from Asia and hence my time zone is GMT+8.)
  13. Well done and concise guide. From what I gather so far nothing is/are missed out. Thanks.
  14. Just a addition guide to challenge Double Trouble for gold (got it at 40 secs) 3x lighting gun (B.F.G + electrical rod) (one or more for back up) 1x pain killer juice boost mag backup just in case ammo runs out (which it should not) 1x katana blades mag once challenge start drink the pain killer, the lighting guns should be next in your inventory, start aiming at one of the ladies and fire away (I only used one and half lighting gun ammo with only one health bar scrapped off) (done @ lvl 50).. Hopes that helps others having problem with this challenge getting gold.. thanks
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