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  1. Could anyone please provide me with an ODST LASO checkpoint. It's the only achievement I have left. GT: BossRuckley
  2. I need to set up a lobby for the matchmaking achievements. The way MCC is now, it's way too frustrating to play solo Things I'm looking for. KoTH Medals CTF Medals Legendary Medals Environmentalists Etc. I have 2 controllers. Just need 8 slots total for a full lobby. Please message me, I'd like to establish an appointment to finish these for good. GT: BossRuckley
  3. Is it possible anyone is online and wantin to do H2A multiplayer acheivements? GT: BossRuckley
  4. I spy with my little eye something beginning with UPDATE!!! Update: Good Uryuu (A, Why Ishida-kun?) Kirge (Jail, the only true Nazi among them) Haschwaltz (B) Bambietta (Explode) Candice (Thunderbolt) Can Du (Iron) Forgot about this guy, he was cool I guess. Nianzol (Wind) Really appealing character, really cool powers! Kubo can do it still, he just chooses not to! Lille (X-Axis) Not an obnoxious character? Practical fighting technique? Hmmmmmm. Bazz-B (Heat) + It was him and BG9 that spawned the idea for this list in my head. I thought they were so bad, I had to channel my confusion into text. While I still don't think his appearance/attitude matches the "Quincy" theme, as of Ch 623, he is more of a character than half of these assholes. It's hard to hate him after seeing him live for himself. His powers DO make sense on a Quincy description as well, I suppose. But now, what will happen to our beloved Grimmjow matchup? Bad Lloyd Twins (Yourself) BG9 (Robot) What even was his letter? James (Obnoxious bastard) Not a Sternritter, but must be called to attention. Mask (Superstar, 2nd only to Pepe, Bulk-up fucker) As Nodt (Fear, Bulk-up fucker) Vanish (Does he still count?) Gremmy (Visionary, Bulk-up fucker) Meninas (Power, Bulk-up bitch) Giselle/Jizzelle (Zombie, Mind Control powers are BS) Pepe (Love, Lame-ass fucker) Berci (Overkill) Kinda indifferent to this one, but a lame power is bad. Jerome (Roar, Beast appearance = Bulk-up fucker) Didn't see much on him, but he seemed like a one-trick pony. Bernice (Question) Soooooo many passive effects. Kubo was clearly out of ideas. Robert Accutrone (N) + Quincy Gordon had so much promise, but sucked ass. "Hmmmm, the rapture is coming, but I think I'd rather stay out of cover." Askin (The Death Dealing) + Suave Aizen disappointed. Nanana (The Underbelly) + Got rekt scrub, and you didn't do shit. Ywach (A) + Screw this asshole. Needs the chair to the face. TBD Liltotto (The Glutton) Meh Valkrie (Miracle) Pernida (The Compulsory) What even is this thing? Shaz Domino The fuck did you go? Near the end now boys.
  5. I'm looking to put these LASOs to bed. I have the checkpoints for CE and 2, and am looking for someone who can help me complete them. I also have 3, but I've already done that one, but i'll pass it along too. I'm getting on now, free till most of the night. GT: RBmaster9345
  6. I did see that, I was just fishing for another source. So basically it sounds like my checkpoints are secure, they just modified the passing of saidncheckpoints. If I do it now, I'll still get it, and my co-op partner is as well.....question mark?
  7. Man, I have the checkpoints for CE and 2, but haven't gotten around to finishing them. I haven't done the patch yet, so I guess I'll wait to see you guys confirm the checkpoints still work before doing so.
  8. I'm hopping on right now, and I can give people CE, 2 and 4 LASO checkpoints. I just need someone who can help me run through CE and 2, since solo is foolish. GT: RBmaster9345
  9. I'm pretty sure it does. That's how I got out there, but there was no skull. I just placed down a teleporter and reloaded the map.
  10. I like they splatter with every vehicle idea, except it'd be a real bitch to get that with the elephant or mantis. Maybe just "Earn a kill with every kind of vehicle across all games." Going further, I don't think "Earn a kill with every weapon in every game." would even be too painful. Sure, there are some weapons that everyone chooses to avoid, cough Storm Rifle cough, but a single kill could still be managed. Getting a kill with the plasma pistol in CE would remove that from the list.
  11. Ok, I'm starting to think the Bandanna Skull has some hidden downside. There has been a time now in both Halo CE and Halo 2 that I have encountered infinite spawning enemies. A week or two ago, I was using the Bandanna Skull as a crutch to complete the H2 Legendary campaign. I got to the part on Metropolis with a half dozen sniper Jackals. Every one I killed always returned. Curious, I watched the same position for minutes, killing every Jackal that run up. They didn't ever stop. Yesterday, I was running through Keyes Legendary to go for the Elite killing chievo; also with Bandanna. On the part with the 3 Elites and the Shade turret, I killed the 3, but was shocked to find them re-appear after I rounded the corner. Then, in the very final room, I killed the 2 Spec-Ops Elites that bring the Banshees like normal, and then things got weird. Grunts spawned later, and I killed just the Fuel-rod Grunts to test my theory. Sure enough, a never-ending stream of Fuel-Rod only Grunts came streaming from the ground floor door. As I dropped down, both the ground and 2nd floor of the hangar had 3-4 Spec Ops Elites each. I camped one corner with a Sniper Rifle, killing every Elite, but they never ceased. Eventually, I gave up and made a run for the Banshee, and there were a half-dozen Elites down there to shoot me. I've only noticed this problem these two times. The only connection I've noticed is my use of the Bandanna Skull. I know something isn't working normally, as there wouldn't be "Kill all the Elites" chievo in a level with infinite. I never encountered this problem in CEA either. Does anyone know wtf happened?
  12. If anyone could carry me through the LASOs using a checkpoint, it would be greatly appreciated. GT: RBmaster9345 I'll be on practically all day, and will help you with any other chief you want in return.
  13. Do they really think adding so many is going to please us? And all those matchmaking one are such ass!
  14. Noooo!!!! I'm so behind already! We already have incoming ODST as well!
  15. I wouldn't actually mind Chad getting a KO. Hell, even Komamura got a great fight this arc.
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