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  1. From everything I have seen and tried all of the online achievements for this game were made unobtainable with the most recent patch. If anybody finds a way to unlock any of them I would be very interested in knowing how. Disregard the above paragraph if you are referring to the Xbox version.
  2. I am very interested in starting and completing this game, however, I am not completely sure how this belt system works and I would really like to know before starting. From what I understand the person who is currently number 1 is given a belt for the weight class they are number 1 in and can then distribute this belt by losing to another person who then can pass the belt on, and so on. I have access to 4 Xboxes and many live accounts and would be willing to boost to the top of the leaderboards if necessary to obtain these achievements. Of course I would also be willing to pass the belts on when/if I obtain them as well. Would somebody be able to verify whether or not my understanding of this system is correct or not?
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