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  1. Looking for someone who has still got the Deckers, Luchadors ect for the specilist challenges. Pref someone who hasnt finsihed act 1 and wants to keep the tower, no cheats pls. Ty GamerTag : Hariibo Kid x
  2. looking to do the co op campaign ach and 100k dupe glitch i have a item tht sell for for about 3k msg me on xbox if u wanna boost GT : Hariibo Kid x
  3. thats not the point, theres a glitch in the game and it needs to be fixed
  4. My save hasnt corrupted (i know this because on the memory tab on the dashboard dosnt have corrupted next to the save) would they be able to fix this because i have brought ALOT of oleander to do the giltch just in case i couldnt find any more, do you tink they will make a patch soon to stop peoples games freezing in the loading screens ?
  5. still looking for a an axe anyone can dupe/sell/trade for me my gamertag is Hariibo Kid x if anyone could help me out with this, ty
  6. Can anyone dupe/sell/trade an axe for me pls, i would like to get the ach Ah! Spoiled Meat! where you have to kill a butcher with a an axe if anyone can help me out my GT is Hariibo Kid x, and im only lvl 36 so if anyone can help. ty
  7. Im looking to trade/borrow any of my weapons for any decent axe pls, i want to get the secret ach where you have to kill a butcher with an axe, if anyone could help me out my GT is : Hariibo Kid x ty
  8. I've got a few Katty perry Eva mendez Haylie williams ke$ha Kim Kardashian
  9. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kNkI6IEsssc]Hoodie Allen- You Are Not A Robot (Official Music Video) - YouTube[/ame] Hoodie
  10. I played the recorder in yrs 1 and 2 and we did a preformance. But ive always wanted to play the drums or the piano
  11. KiD CuDi chris webby ( hes not signed..... yet ;P ) Mac miller Deadmau5 niki minaj Wiz khalifa elllie goulding Thts all i can think of without looking on my ipod.
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