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  1. I forced an update check in the store on my Surface. Might just be taking its time to show up.
  2. Latest update now allows the DLC to be accessed
  3. *Edit* Yep, the latest update allows you to play both Chapter 5 (for free if you've completed Chapter 4) as well as the Lost Levels if you've purchased them
  4. You can buy the lost levels through the Games app. Find Gunpowder and view the extras. But, they can't be played yet. The game needs an update to unlock them.
  5. Both me and my wife need "All You Need is Friends". Feel free to add us both: GT: AraknidX GT: LoulyE
  6. Adera is far more fun I suppose some bits are similar but I wouldn't say they're the same type of game. Nothing is missable as you can re-play any zone from the map. Most are story related with some collectible based ones and some random (the description on each one tells you exactly what to do though).
  7. Just picked it up for my daughter so will post back later unless someone beats me to it *Edit* Right, just finished it with my 3 year old. It's basically episode 1 of an interactive story. The main bits are hidden object type events with a couple of mini games (jigsaw type blueprints for example). There are 5 areas to visit on the map and you have to earn 3 stars on each area; 1 for finishing the story there, and 2 for finding all collectibles on each stage (5 little plants plus random collectibles like coins etc). The achievements are very simple and, from a gamer's perspective, easy gamer score is the only reason to pick it up. If you've got a young daughter, however, she'd love it
  8. *Edit* Nevermind, finally managed to download the macro file
  9. Update 1.2 is now available so you're free to update (just check the version number before confirming the update)
  10. Had an update for Gunpowder this morning. Once logged in I went to the trophy list within game and my "lost" achievements were unlocked!
  11. You're not alone. The same achievements are bugged for me too. Did you play much of the trial before purchasing the game? I played the trial and found the first collectible plus broke open over 12 piggy banks. After purchasing the collectible was listed in the trophy list but no achievement (as it was found under trial conditions). Unfortunately finding the same trophy, or any others after that, hasn't unlocked the relevant achievement or any other related ones. Really need some way of resetting my game save or progress
  12. Got a similar problem. I lost round 14 but for some reason it moved me onto round 15. Winning that gave me the achievement for the 15th round but it completely missed the 14th round achievement. Can't see any way to start from the "lost" round so currently working through another tournament...
  13. My game has started crashing whenever I try to get a contact from Lorrenzo Mazzola. His icon shows a highlight after tapping but then the game force closes and throws me back to the WP tile screen. Don't know whether it's related to this but the game has also failed to give me the "unlock 10 informants" achievement. I've got more than 10 available for use (thanks to a lucky daily bonus I got some credits to buy two others) but the achievement has still not unlocked.
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