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  1. -Content Removed- http://www.xboxachievements.com/CoC/
  2. lucas1987


    worked like a charm. gonna start the 2nd but requires a little more work on my end for that one. thx for this one tho
  3. lucas1987


    I'm about to start this. fingers crossed i can get 1k in 1 run. thx for this
  4. GT- lucas1987 I'm a level 26 Titan and i'm just looking to farm strikes. Will be playing for the next 12 hours
  5. for some reason it wont let me press start on a 2nd controller? anyone else have this problem?
  6. Forgot to add the (B) for chilvary. It is entirely all boosting, but can be done in private with 2 people, 1 achievement needs 3.
  7. Chivalry on the xbla marketplace is 5-10. Did it all in private matches and got all achievements last night in one go pretty much. took about 5 1/2 hours with 2 dummy's sitting there.
  8. Between these 2 steps: "With either a lit arrow or the fire spell, now, burn down all the banners/tapestries. Two of them will lead into secret rooms (one on the left, one on the right). One of them (the one near the lever to your left) will contain a crystal. Return all the way back to where you found the dead guy at the beginning of the watery depths. Before you reach him, look to your left. There is a path into the darkness going down. Go." ...you should put in that you need to spin the pillar where you burnt the banners. You have to do this to lower the water to do the 2nd step here.
  9. I want to get this done asap...like today if anybody checks this, send me a message
  10. my username is lucas40484. I'm adding people here
  11. Thanks for the guide and collectibles. The one hidden in the wall had me stumped for a while. Done with story perfects, now to work on challenge and bonus.
  12. I bought the starter pack. Anybody know if I can Get the 1k in the game with that?
  13. this guy likes to brag about having the items, but has yet to give anybody them. don't get your hopes up. i waited almost a month for them, and no luck.
  14. yo, i messaged u online. didn't know if these were still available cuz it would help 1000x in completing this
  15. I think the easiest round to get this on is Sequentials or Strike A Match b/c the timer is half as fast as in any other round. Also, the picture rounds (distilled/pixel flix/...etc) are slower than the question round too.
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