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  1. Just looking for coop..my gt is Xxxxxr0ckyxxxxx
  2. Does anyone have any of those modded weapons that always seem to float around on dead island games? If so could you hook me up with some? Xbox gt is Xxxxxr0ckyxxxxx
  3. Hi I'm looking for someone that wants to trade the legend achievement.. we pick a certain weight class and search at the same time hopefully find each other.. my gt is xxxxxr0ckyxxxxx
  4. If anyone wants to do campaign coop tomorrow around 11:30 am hit me up..gamertag is xxxxxr0ckyxxxxx
  5. Hey if you're doing legendary and you need an extra hit me up.. my gt is xxxxxr0ckyxxxxx
  6. Me and a buddy are doing co op on legendary we are on mission to if anybody would like to join just hit me up... xxxxxr0ckyxxxxx is my gamertag
  7. Can someone help me with the three cheevos? Mt y gt is xxxxxr0ckyxxxxx its a zero in the gt.
  8. Missed out on the dupes before the patches and was wandering if anyone would mind sharing some goodies..thanks community.. Oh gt is xxxxxr0ckyxxxxx its a zero in the gt
  9. Looking to boost cheevos.. Online now.. Gt is. Xxxxxr0ckyxxxxx the 0 is a zero
  10. Game is broken..most people get the boot 1 to 5 times a day.. couple that with atheon only reporting one person at times makes flawless raider vs because its not that bad of a achievement if they could get there shit together on there end..they fix things that are not broke and therefore break shit that wasn't broken.. I done have a problem with the game or gameplay but rather how bungie handles stuff.. they done let you play the game the way you want to play but instead insist on you playing it there way
  11. I thought ac4 was the best..started to play unity today. Looks amazing but gameplay is not nearly as good as black flag..I think I'm going to start playing rogue and quit unity
  12. Thanks.. Looked it up on YouTube.. A lot of naval combat.. Heading to that creed now..
  13. Loved black flag.. Thought it was the best creed game.. Had high hopes for unity but after black flag what a letdown.. Just wished black flag had this games visuals
  14. Yep all missions says done on vet but no cheev.. What do I need to do? Replayed last mission twice and still nothing.. Any more advice?
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