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  1. Hey mate :) - your username over here had me stumped for a moment :p!

  2. Yeah, it makes me sad since Francis is my favorite smiley ever! Hopefully we can get him soon; I've certainly bugged Rx enough about him :p At least I can still use him if I want to like this: http://www.playstationtrophies.org/forum/images/smilies/francis.gif I just can't do :francis: for him to appear. :/

  3. No francis? :eek:

    *deletes account*


  4. Yeah, the think one isn't over here. :/ Francis the Smiley isn't even over here, so I've been trying to convince the right people to bring him over. :p I normally just copy image URLs if I want to use a PST smiley; I wish more of them would be brought over here on this side of the fence!

  5. Hi, damn i'm used to PST smiley, there's no think one here? :(

  6. Oh really? Is that so? :p Hello, TheManUtdFan! :)

  7. Feels like I recognise the name and Ava somehow :think: :p

  8. Sorry i dont check this site much but yes you both pick them up. Similarily if you join someone who has a collectable and you dont it will still be there.
  9. Thanks for the feedback guys. Unfortunately the Collectables glitch is also present on the PS3, Harry got one glitched and we had to go through it all again until we found the one that glitched. It's frustrating but as far as we know going through it again is the only way here. I'm hoping for a patch as I may go for the 100% on Xbox too and don't want it to glitch on me as I was lucky the first time. The best way is to start a new character and find someone who is willing to go through them with you on their nearly completed save so everything is open. Good luck to anyone hoping the collectables won't glitch.
  10. TheManUtdFan here, you can give the other half of the thanks to me
  11. Hey I recently finished this great game, but two questions: 1) I didn't realize that you needed to complete the game on normal to unlock NG+ until I had almost completed story mode on easy Will I have to start everything again on a new save file to get Perfect Knight 2.0? 2) I tried to get pay your respects but it didn't unlock, I looked at the flower, didn't unlock, then I played the tape and looked at it again but it doesn't unlock. How come?
  12. So this has basically screwed me out of an 100%?
  13. I recently got this game and my brother got this upon start up. However, when I did it didn't unlock. My brother says it it once per disk is this true?
  14. Yes I have been playing with my brother on split screen, who has 100%. So really no way of ridding of intel. My really don't want to delete as my brother may lose stats too.
  15. Ok about 6 months ago I gave up in the middle of numbers, but due to various reasons, never got round to it. Yesterday, while not connected to xbox live, I decided to go again, and knowing the achievements may glitch if I quit midway, I started numbers again and completed it. Then popped up 'It's your funeral' and 'BLACK OPS MASTER' even though I hadn't completed any levels after numbers on Hardened and Veteran! Then I went to get an achievement I missed on WMD, I got to the end of the blackbird bit, and then 'Not Today' popped up! I was happy as they saved me a lot of work, but I looked at my intel, and I saw I had it all. However, I didn't have them all before and I still don't have the achievement for them. Firstly, why did those unlock? Secondly, how can I get rid of my intel so I can start again and get the achievement?
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